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Club Naples RV Resort

Naples, Florida

Date of Stay:

We can't wait to leave this campground. It is advertised as a resort, but we now realize it is a trailer park. Anything goes here. The pool is so small, all we can do is stand in one place. We don't feel wanted in the rec-hall at all. There are not many programs that a monthly camper can be involved in. Many rude people including the lady in the office. The list of complaints would be too long to post.

Date of Stay:

We were told that it was a 55+ RV Resort. It really is a trailer park. The dogs were the best part of the park. The pool was too small for having 20 or more, mostly rude people that refuse to speak English and talk to the top of their lungs. Roads almost impassible many times because they are not wide enough. Some trailers were disgusting looking and one had people coming and going all hours of the night and a pit bull, not well behaved. Police had to come. One man has a 16-17 year old staying with him. (not a relative) that he met when the boys family stayed. Tents were popping up as well as clotheslines which were not allowed.The place is just not what the advertisements say it is. I will never return and am truly disgusted that I wasted my money.