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We just returned from a week's stay at this campground. From the brochure, it appears that there is a lot to do.. However, there is not. We have two boys and they brought their fishing poles and tackle boxes because the brochure states there are two fishing ponds. Well, it's hard to fish among cat tails and weeds! The boys put their poles and tackle boxes away (after losing several lures caught on the weeds) and never had the desire to fish the rest of the week. The store was not within close distance. You either had to bike there, drive your vehicle there or walk a ways. The store (if you want to call it that) didn't have a grocery section as other campground stores had we've been to. No little souveniers or postcards or anything like that. The only food items sold were pop and candy. So don't forget anything or you'll have to do what we did - go to a store in town! When you check in, you are given the option to put a $10 down payment on a gate card that gives you access to come back in to the park due to the locked gates. When you check-out, you get the $10 back. I'd have to say that I did like the fact that there were locked gates. There was also mention that dogs were allowed but had to be kept at the campsite. Well, there were people walking their dogs. I didn't really see any security patrolling the park. My husband did report some rowdy teenagers who were going through our site and others one evening. One bright spot of the campground is the laundry facility. Very clean with lots of washers and dryers. To wash a load of laundry was $1.50 and to dry was $1.00. Very reasonable!! The pool was nice. No lifeguard though so you swim at your own risk. Some of the teens (and adults) got quite rowdy in the pool. My boys were also disappointed with the game room. The store hours are not every day so when the store is closed, so is the game room. On Friday, for example, the store was open 5pm - 11pm so if they wanted to play a game of pool, they had to wait til Friday evening. I believe the store was closed on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I've never been to a campground that had store hours like this place. The garbage dumpsters were at the bottom of a hill that you would use when you arrive and leave the campground so that was convenient. We would just toss the garbage on our truck and drop it off on our way out. Everyone working on the lawn mowers, tractors and at the store were very friendly and would always wave. However, improvements need to be made starting with the ponds. They need to be cleared out so that people (especially children) can catch 'the big one'. Overall, it's a nice campground if you want to just go somewhere and relax. If you are looking for a campground with lots to do, this is not the campground for you.

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This is a really nice campground. The first thumbs up has to be for the immaculate bathroom facilities. We didn't use the pool but it looked really nice. The staff was very friendly. The camp's store was really stocked with reasonably-priced items. All roadways were paved and that made bike riding a joy!!!! We played horseshoes. There is an arcade with some great games. The laundry room was nice and it even had an ironing board! We fed the ducks near the pond. There was a shuttle that picked campers up to take them to the casino and back home again. My husband's only complaint was that there was a cooking grill permanently attached to the fire ring which made it a little difficult to maneuver the logs around when stoking a fire! My only complaint was the fact that our site was small but we managed. If you're looking for a quiet campground with friendly staff and a good place to relax, this is the campground for you!

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My family loved our stay at this campground! We stayed in site 234 which was right directly on Woodland Lake. We rented a rowboat for the week ($87) and went fishing all the time. One concern we had was that the sites are right on top of each other and there is not much privacy. The site map is not really reflective of the distance between sites (or should I say 'lack of distance between sites). When I reserved site 234, it appeared that site 235 was a little ways off, but it was right by us. There were four cars parked at that site, right by our camper. Very crowded! Another complaint was the fact that the dumpsters were way in the far corner of the campground; So if one had a site on our end of the campground, it was either biking or driving to the dumpster to throw out your garbage. The pool was nice but no lifeguard on duty so you swam at your own risk. There were many, many teenagers diving in the deep end and there was no staff around to correct this behavior. The staff in the store and office were very helpful but we never saw too many staff members floating around the campground making sure rules were followed. All in all it was a nice campground to visit if you enjoy fishing and rowboating, but if you're looking for peace and quiet, this is not the campground for you.