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Leisure Lake Membership Resort, Joliet, Illinois

Date of Stay: July, 2005 - $20.00
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I would like to make you aware of a horrible experience I had at Leisure Lake. This past Saturday I went to Leisure Lake in Joliet, Illinois to spend the night for some tent camping. When I showed up with my guests, I informed the gentleman at the front desk that we were planning on spending the day there and wanted to pay for one night of camping plus the additional fees for my additional guests. I had called the day before and was told that it would be $20 per night with 4 free guests and $4 for each additional guest. My party included a total of 4 adults with 5 children. Well as soon as the man at the front desk saw us he said that he shouldn't be letting us in, we had too many cars (3) and the park was for members only and not to be used for spending a day at the campground. I informed him that I had called the day before to make sure it would be okay and was told that it would be okay, at that he slams my passport of America card on the desk and yells at me and my guests to get the hell out of there. He says that I had spoken to him the day before and he never told me that it was okay to spend the day at his campground, he said that I could only camp there if I had a trailer and no other way. I told him that we had tents and would be camping in tents but he refused to listen to me and threatened to call the police if we didn't leave. He was not aware that one of my guests was a Cook County Sheriff and witnessed the entire event. Not wanting to make a scene my guests and I left the campground very disappointed. I do not know what bothered this man that made him throw us out. About a month earlier my family and I went to Leisure Lake and purchased the Passport Of America there and spent the weekend there. We were so impressed with the campground that we thought it would be okay to take some friends so they can see and enjoy their facilities. My one guest, the Cook County Sheriff, is in the process of purchasing a travel trailer and was anxious to see their facilities but was disappointed with how we were treated. We camped at Leisure Lake Membership Resort in a Tent.


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