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We came here from Yellowstone, even though it was out of our way, for the advertized activities for our 13 year old grandson. The park was and could be a great park, but has not been maintained. The building is desperate for some paint and repair. The adjacent water park is in a worse state with some real safety concerns due to the lack of maintenence. The advertized amenities were: horseshoes, located in chigger infested weeds by a creek; a broken up basketball net, in the driveway entrance; mini golf and bike rentals, non existent; pool, not maintained, we had to skim it before we could use it; and lastly a hot tub, which we couldn't find anywhere on the property. When we arrived, at noon, and hooked up we were under several large trees, so no TV. We hooked up to cable TV and got nothing. Also could not get on their Wi-Fi. We stopped the 'parker' and he said he would come look, but it should be up and running soon. When the attendant came to check with his TV, he said the 'leg' we were on had been down for awhile. When my husband went to the office to check, after 6 hours had passed, he was told, "You must have asked to be under the trees and you can't get cable there." May I add, there was only one other camper in the park when we came in, and we did NOT ask to be under the trees. Meanwhile that evening the electricity went out twice. The next morning we went to the office to see if we could find an area that was on the cable line that worked. They said we could move and we did. We were able to get cable TV there for a short while, then throughout the day and evening we lost power, cable, and internet several times. That evening about 7:30, a service man came to work on it, and proceeded to turn off the water! We were then without water, power, cable or Wi-Fi. That was the final straw. They were really rude about the situation, no one had even made an effort to apoligize, and most of the campers were upset. When we complained about all the problems and the total lack of services advertized in Woodalls, the manager said, "I can only control what's in the KOA book, I can't control what Woodalls puts in there. (I didn't mention it was a paid ad in Woodalls I was referring to.) We have all the things you said except for the bikes and mini-golf!" My husband said "where is the hot tub?" She said, "It's in the back of the office. We keep it locked and you have to ask for the key to use it." He said, "Where is the sign or any indication that you even have one and that campers can use it?" At this time, we were told if we were not happy with the accommodations, she would give us 1/2 nights refund, if we wanted to find another place to stay tonight. It was after 8pm by then and the closest campground was more than 50 miles away! These were just some of the 'nicer' exchanges that occurred. We have never been to a business that had so many rude and disrespectful employees in one place.

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This was a clean, well maintained park. It has a wonderful view of downtown Sturgis from the upper levels, which we had no problem navigating with our big rig. You can walk out of the park onto a city maintained path of over 10 miles, through parks and along the river. But, the best feature at the park are the managers. It doesn't matter how wonderful a park is, if you are not treated well, it loses it's luster. The managers make you feel as if you are at a 5 star hotel. They cater to all needs, and go above beyond in all instances. Would recommend this park as a base camp for anyone going to the Black Hills.