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Positives: Nice layout, some sites have a lot of space (by lakefront), park noise is fairly low (except what is noted below), lots of nice walking/biking trails. Negatives: Close to local airport - lots of small aircraft and helicopter noise during the day, weekend boat noise is possible on the lake (loud engines and music), occasional sirens as there is a hospital nearby. Wi-Fi worked but not consistent and not fast. Gate at front works but is a bit hard to reach from a truck window. Mostly older couples with very few children. For the most part, it is pretty quiet during the day and very quiet at night. The roads are a bit narrow but we didn't have any problem navigating through the park. The site pads are wide but not very level. Most of the RVs are on blocks. There is an even number of Class A and 5th wheels. There are even a smaller number of Class C. Very few tents in this area but a lot of people have screened in sitting areas. The local area is highly developed with a large network of roads; traffic noise can be heard day and night but is minimal. There are many local and national restaurants nearby. There is a large mall down the road. There are also a lot of parks and wildlife viewing areas. Our Sprint phones and Internet (Aircard) had good (not great) service and speed. We used the Sprint Aircard instead of the Wi-Fi as it was a little better. There are not a lot of child-friendly things to do in the campground - just a few play areas. There is a really neat little dog walking area with its own obstacle course at the southern end of the campground. There are alligators, snakes, bugs and a ton of birds on and around the lake. If you're into bird watching, this is a great place to stay. We would stay here again if we were in the area.

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Let me begin by saying that my girlfriend and I are full-time RVers. We've stayed all over the USA and have spent many nights at KOA's. What we're looking for differs from most as we have no kids, pets and work from our RV. We are most interested in nice, level lots with space, a good Internet connection, a peaceful environment where we feel safe and welcome and feel that we are getting value for our money. That being said, this was truly one of the worst campgrounds at which we have had the misfortune of staying. The campground is horribly overcrowded, you can tell they are out to make money and care little for the comfort of their guests. Our 5th wheel was so close to the next one that we couldn't open our awning. Additionally, the staff showed us to our site, "helped" us back in and after we were nearly set up, they came back and told us that we'd have to move sites because our slide-out was 6 inches into the next campsite (days later, another camper was literally in the same spot). After we moved, we discovered that the electrical panel was not good and instead of letting us move to another site (at the time there were about a dozen or so available spots), they made us wait an hour until they had repaired the box. Needless to say, we were not impressed with their business decisions despite the fact they they were friendly. As a result of these delays, we did not get set-up until four hours after arriving (a new record for us). If you're looking for peace and quiet, stay away as there are loud drunks every night, unsupervised children running everywhere and at all times of the day and night (the worst was the 6 year old riding her bike in her pajamas alone after 10 pm - no helmet, no lights, no parents (they were likely drinking at the bar)), loud music in the evenings on certain nights (that went past 10 pm) and a general disregard for privacy since the sites are so close together. You will constantly hear AC units, people talking (as they are within a few feet of your camper) and, to a minor degree, the chickens and roosters which are abundant on the island. There is inadequate parking throughout the campground. Despite our attempt to get the office to tell us where to park our truck as there was not enough space on our campsite, we were told to "not to worry about it" and that "it should be fine where it is" (which was in a lot across from ours). In the two weeks we were there, we ended up moving our truck 6 times because they could not simply tell us where to park it. To say this was an inconvenience would be quite the understatement. Part of the frustration came as a result of calling over 6 weeks ahead to verify that they had spots big enough for our 38' trailer and 22' truck. At that time, they said that it would not be a problem at all. As I mentioned, we work during our travels and the Internet is important to use, their Internet connection was very poor to say the least. It is a very good thing that we have two levels of backup. Out of the two weeks we were there, the Internet did not work at all on 3 days and only part of the day on another 5 days. On the days were it did work, the connection is slow (at or less than 56k speeds). The office, as nice as they were, did nothing to help resolve the issue. Speaking of the staff, they were all laid-back (which does not necessarily translate into being friendly) but they did not always appear to know what was going on within the campground. For example, you will have to take care when walking around the campground as the staff is constantly driving around on their golf-carts to what must be a life-or-death situation based on their speed and lack of acknowledging that you are even on the road. We will NOT be returning to this campground and actively encourage others to avoid. If you're looking for a place to get drunk, don't mind having no personal space, are fine with being awoken by drunks shouting to each other or the sky overhead and are fine with a staff that by-and-large ignores you, they you may actually like this campground. If, however, you are more accustom to being valued as a customer/client, then I highly encourage you to choose somewhere else. There are a number of other RV campgrounds on the surrounding islands and most charge more but save yourself the frustration and stay with one of them. One last note which does not have anything to do with this campground is a word of caution about the Keys in general. We went down to the Keys as we've always heard that they are beautiful with a lot of fun activities to do. Perhaps it is because we have been so many truly beautiful places in our travels, but we actually didn't think the islands were especially pretty at all. There are very few beaches and fewer places you can actually see the water (bridges are the best place to view the water) as the trees and vegetation literally go right up to the water and are quite thick. There are a number of bars and "cheap" touristy shops on Key West and on the other island (e.g. Big Pine Key) but if you're looking for something other than these activities, your choices are quite limited. In other words, please research the islands in great detail before you go to ensure that you will enjoy your time there.

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This was an excellent KOA. The staff was very friendly and knowledgeable. The roads are paved and slightly bumpy in parts but not bad enough to cause any sort of problems. The corners are a little on the tighter side but we had no problem navigating with a 33' + trailer. The campsites are gravel (which is rakes smooth after the previous camper leaves) with hook-ups spaced out a little. The staff will guide you to your spot and help you get in position for setting up. The little store has all the standard camping store fare and a few extra RV parts and supplies. The views are great and the campsite is positioned so that it has easy access to the bay, the bridge and the beach. We walked all around the area as a result of its convenient location. While we were there, the weather was excellent with log fog prevalent in the mornings and evenings. There are not many biking trails in the area but some of the nearby roads are relatively quite and provide routes for some nice biking. Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed our stay and will likely camp here again in the future.