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Miserable stay! Weeds taller than my child, dirty bathrooms, apathetic staff, and seedy looking clientele led to a bad experience. I did not feel safe here. This place is very run down and it is obvious there have been zero repairs or maintenance since it stopped being a KOA years ago.


Lubbock KOA

Lubbock, Texas

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Met expectations for KOA standards. Two complaints: 1-- when we asked staff for recommendation of place to eat that is a local favorite he suggested two chains Applebees and Cheddars. We googled our own place and enjoyed a great Texas BBQ meal. 2-- The sidewalk and road by the bathroom floods very easily when it rains. While I understand they cannot control the weather, they can hire a contractor to repair the grade for better drainage. Using the toilet resulted in very wet feet, it is a good thing it was summer and we had on flip flops.