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Nugget RV Park

St. Regis, Montana

Date of Stay:

I would never recommend this park. We arrived in early evening and they had already rented the space I requested after discussing it with them before our trip. One of the owners quickly escorted me to another spot. The space and hookups were not sufficient for my 38' motor home. He just said, "Oh you can make it work" and left. The office closed so I worked for almost 45 minutes to get level and make the hookups fit. The space was to short and so narrow for my unit that you had to be careful not to fall down a hill when you came out your front door. When I went into the office in the morning to tell the Owner? lady the space was not what I needed or requested she went off like a flat tire at 90 miles an hour. She did not ask what the problem was or offer another spot but just argued that I was not entitled to the spot I had agreed to. I could hardly get a word in edgewise. Her husband? then chimed in and told me to get out of her face as he began to grab my arm and try to man-handle me. They told me to leave if I didn't like the space, and I said I would if I wasn't with friends. Again they did not offer me any alternative sites or options. When I told the man to take his hands off me, they said to leave and they were calling the sheriff, so I better leave immediately. I am 68 years old and not a formidable adversary. I have never been treated like this in my life when voicing a reasonable complaint about service. I spent one night in a completely unsuitable space and was forced to leave with out the other two nights I paid for. They have refunded none of my money as they said they would, typical for this type of people IMO, and although my bank was willing to refund it, they are not and fighting it. I'm sure you will make your own judgment. If you want to stay in a park like this, take a chance on the space you get being adequate or comfortable, or the one you requested, and being ridiculed and shoved around if you make a complaint, then be my guest. The people, the park, and the service may be the worst you ever encounter. Certainly be very careful and find out where they are going to put you, if you have a larger unit, before you pay them as there is no option after that in their mind, and you will loose all your money if you are forced to leave. The space – to short for 38’, hookups positioned for smaller units, narrow with a hill on door side, awning, chairs etc useless since the space drops off right outside your door steps. No room for a car, sloping area with table would be hard to use for anything. You may not get what you requested if they have a chance to sell your space and put you in another.

Date of Stay:

Very nice park with good spots for motorhomes. We had a circular pull through right on the river. Hard to get a reservation on weekends but check back often. Has swimming area and playgrounds for kids. I would stay there again.