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The sites and facilities of this RV park are quite adequate -- FHU, gravel sites, pretty close together (little space for tow vehicles or toads), a bit out-of-town, no shade, but a grass area for dog-walking. Everything works, and is clean and well-maintained. A local trolley bus goes by (during tourist season, and rather erratically at that) for transport to the downtown area. The high rating is based primarily on the patient and accommodating attitude of the management; he did everything he could to find us a spot after we showed up without reservations due to a poor experience with another in-town campground. I would definitely stay here again primarily because of the park's cooperative management; it made all the difference!



Ponderosa Campground

Cody, Wyoming

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I made reservations *six months* in advance for the July 4th holiday, paid the first night's deposit, and provided all the motorhome information required. When I arrived to check in, the desk had no record of the reservation or payment, but I had the confirmation letter. My rig is a 24' "widebody"; they first assigned me a completely unworkable (far too narrow and short with overhanging tree branches) site site with small camper vans and pop-ups. When I requested another site, they said that nothing was available because of the holiday (why did they think I reserved six months in advance?!), but they found a "site" wedged between a toyhauler and a larger rig; one of the hookups was in the playground about 20' behind this particular site! I got my money back and went to Absaroka Bay. The only "advantage" that I can see to this place is that it's fairly close to the museum and the downtown area; otherwise, in-campground navigation is difficult, the sites are small and very jammed together, and the management operation seems pretty haphazard at best. Ironically, some friends (same size rig) had called only a couple of days in advance for the same time period were assigned a decent site! (They later reported that the management had tried to find me after I left; they had "found" another site choice for me!)

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This is a quiet, very basic residential "over 55" park with a few spaces for overnighters. The sites are gravel and wide enough for a rig and a tow/toad vehicle, but there is no separation between the close-together sites. In the middle section, each site backs directly up to the one behind it. The electric and water hookups are at the back of the sites; the sewer connection is toward the middle. There is no landscaping in the park interior and only a line of small pine trees around two sides of the sites. There are open "desert" areas around the park to walk (on leash) dogs. The office was full of cigarette smoke (despite a "no-smoking" sign on the door), but the owners and residents are very friendly and accommodating. The price -- we paid $19.50 for one night -- was very reasonable.