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The park has very friendly and helpful staff! In addition, the campground is pet and family friendly. We have been very pleased with our stay and will stay here again!

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Within 48 hours of our stay, we were reprimanded for three different "offenses" in their opinion (speeding--which is 3 mph even though 5 mph is posted, dog unleashed--she ran out of the trailer door when the children opened it, and having too many cars parked in our spot--even though it is not stated anywhere in the contract). After doing so, we were always feeling as if we were being watched. The staff acted friendly to our face, but watch your back when turned. Upon our arrival, we were placed in a 60 amp spot typically reserved for larger trailers. When we would ask the front desk staff about moving to a new spot, we would get very misleading and confusing information about what was/was not available. After staying for approx. two weeks in the initial 60 amp. spot, hints were being dropped that they wanted us to move to a lower amp. spot in order to keep it available to larger trailers (although no one ever used the spot after we moved). Following this two week fiasco, we finally were able to pin down an available site and politely moved. After 4 weeks into our stay, we received a "warning" letter stating that we had not been in compliance with their pet policy which states "pets must stay leashed at all times". To our knowledge, the only times our small dog was unleased was on the short walk from the front door of the trailer to the car door--never intentionally left to run amuck. If you call that not following the pet policy, then forget bringing your pet here!!!! They are very unaccommodating to your pets. Your pets (even when leashed) are not allowed on the children's playground, yet the pets are not allowed to be left at your site nor are your children allowed to be left unattended at any time in the park (which the children unattended rule is totally understandable). But kind of a conflict of rules, don't you think?! In addition, the wifi never worked correctly, and when staff was asked to address this issue with the owner, their own personal ideas of why it was not working was thrown in to the mix and was most likely never brought to the owners attention. Needless to say, we will be staying for the remainder of our time in Twin Falls in a more reputable campground.