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Very clean park, Staff was the best I have seen at any park. Overall I would say the park was great, the spots were not on top of each other, it seemed more like a yard than a camping spot. The beach was nice, but small. It did have a shade tree which was nice. Bathrooms were everywhere. We did not get to try the waterpark side of things as it was closed. The hiking trail was a few miles from our campsite, so we did not make it to the trail itself. But we did walk along the road and see all the other areas of the park. This place is huge. All in all it was well worth the trip. We will be back someday.



Smith Lake Park

Cullman, Alabama

Date of Stay:

We drove 6 hours to go to this park. It was ok. The staff was good but seemed indifferent to the world. It was a good park with plenty to do for the kids. The waterslide is broken, so do not make a trip just for that. The pool is jam packed with people. To many for our liking. The Lake was a red clay lake so everything we wore was stained red afterwords. All in all it was an OK time. I just wish the slide had worked and the lake was not red mud/clay. The goofy golf was a very nice touch and was one of the better things to do. There are lots of residents here, 3/4 of the park maybe. Some dirty looks from them as they drove past in their golf carts. Strange place, nice park. Not sure if we will be back.