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Very poor outlook towards customers. Camp store is very expensive, often twice what normal expensive prices are, yet they are stocked poorly. They claimed to have a grocery store, but that consisted of a few cans of soup, bacon, and not a lot else. They had more beer than groceries and that's not saying much. Live bait was expensive, $4 for a small container of wax worms, but most containers were full of worms that had been dead so long they were black. We had the cheapest cabin. Stunk pretty bad, had to put the AC on max to clear it out. Got through the night, but the next day we realized everything we own was covered in flying ants. I mean everything. Absolutely covered. They admitted they had been battling an infestation over the summer, so they upgraded us to a brand new suite cabin because they were sold out of the others. So new that they apparently hadn't even screwed down the vertical spindles for the handrails. My 2 year old grabbed one to support himself going down the stairs and it came loose, sending him tumbling down a few stairs and hit his head on the concrete and breaking this spindle in the process. When I tried to check out the next day, I notified them of this broken piece of wood, and they got all authoritative about it, sending two overzealous maintenance guys over who I can only describe as the handrail police. They proceed to lecture me like a bulldog about how this was brand new and was perfectly sturdy until we came along. Didn't give a damn about how my 2 year old about cracked his head open due to their negligence, they were all freaked about how their $2.50 piece of wood was broken though and blamed us for it. Nice facilities don't matter if you don't maintain them properly then act like a jerk about it.

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This campground has always been fun in the past, nice for family outings. Management has been a little overzealous in recent years though. They act like it's a really secure place, which basically just means that the check-in procedures often takes at least 45 minutes on a busy holiday weekend. I've never seen any campground anywhere have such inefficient check-in procedures. Fact of the matter is that anybody can drive halfway down the access road and park, get on the paved bicycle trails, and walk right in then have full run of the place. It's not nearly as secure as they want you to believe. It keeps the unpaid and unregistered cruisers out, that's about it. They used to allow everybody to hang out at the basketball courts as late as you want. It was awesome for summer nights for the younger crowd. Now they don't even turn the lights on, which just means all the teenagers are hanging out in shady scattered spots instead of all in one place with spotlights on them. Just some really backwards thinking going on there. Although they're a little misled on the security, most of the employees are nice except for a few of the check-in guys, especially if they are an intern. Most recently they are old volunteers though so that doesn't seem to be an issue anymore.