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This is a very rustic state park that reminds me, very much, of Palo Duro Canyon without the high canyon cliffs, beautiful vistas and the steep access. The soil is red and sandy, much like Palo Duro, and there are plenty of short mesquite trees, again much like Palo Duro, and the only drawback to me is that there are very few tall oak tree to provide adequate shade during the hot Texas summers, and Mineral Wells is a very warm spot during the summer months. On the weather stations of nearby Fort Worth/Dallas during the summer Mineral Wells in usually one of the warmer places on the map if not the hottest locally. Personally, having grown up in the Texas Panhandle, and going to Palo Duro quite often, I would, most likely, pass on this campground because I prefer more large trees than are here, but that's me. The electrical supply for my 30A Travel Trailer never faltered while we were there and the park was full for this was a holiday weekend... and hot, did I say that Mineral Wells is a hot spot? The roads are paved and you drive across the dam to access the most of the campsites. There is rockclimbing as well and they charge a very modest $3.00 fee, and yes there were some people climbing rocks in >100 degree heat. I didn't, I stayed inside and enjoyed my AC. Camp sites are clean and properly policed as there appears to be very few reminders of previous visitors. The whole North Texas area is in a severe drought and thefore the lake level was low, but one cannot detract from the campground rating because, as I said, the whole North Texas area is under a drought. There is a nature walk and a trail where one can ride their horse. We don't have a horse, but from what I can find out, from people who do, that this is a favorite place to trailer in your horse and give them some exercise.


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Benbrook, Texas

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We have been using this park (almost monthly) since the Mid-80's from when they were just building the 'pea-patch'. It's our favorite place to camp. Lots of spots, two dump stations, and friendly hosts. It is a Corps of Engineers lake on the southwest side of Fort Worth. We have spent our time here in Travel Trailers, all three of them, plus a couple of times in a tent. When our relatives with RV's come down, they spend time there as well.