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So does the good out way the bad? Not in my opinion. First the bad - $17 per person to use the "water park" in the front of the campground. There is a wave pool, two slides, and a tiny wade pool for babies that walk. Hardly worth $17 when its only open 10 - 6 during the summer. The really bad part is there is a "pool" inside the campground that they call a wade pool. I think the depth is 3' 9" at its deepest. As a camper you have to pay to use this as well? This silly pool is only open 10- 6 as well but it is closed Monday and Tuesday. Not worth it at all. Also had an issue with canceling a site. My father-in-law could not come because of medical reasons so had to show a doctors note to get them to cancel without issuing a voucher. Now the good, the park is big, lots of room between sites, at least in the section I was in. Also lots of trees for shade even though during the summer it can still be very hot.



Taylor Campground - COE

Taylor, Texas

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We really enjoyed the quietness of the campground. The one major problem is that it is so remote it is practically impossible to make the 10 pm curfew. There needs to be a way for people to get into the campground after the gatekeeper leaves for the night. Rate is very reasonable.