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OMG, I have never been so afraid for my life! Homeless people cut through on their way to the city park under the highway and they use the shower rooms. Stray cats EVERYWHERE and leaving lawn bombs in all the spaces. The dog run area is full of fleas, one of the maintenance men yelled at a guest's child in the center of the street, and the internet doesn't work. Don't even consider getting any sleep, at night the rednecks all gather outside with their beers and cigarettes and start fighting loudly, and at all hours! We had planned to stay for 2 weeks but ended up leaving the next morning for a nice park in Silverton. We are live aboard and have never stayed in a worse park.


Salem RV park

Salem, Oregon

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They say they are pet friendly and even have a dog area but my cat accidentally got loose and they caught her and called animal control, even though she had my cell phone number on her tag and I listed her on my paperwork. My children also got into trouble for riding their skateboards down the "Adult only" street, we were not told that they had a separate family and adult only section. Lots of traffic coming and going due to the on site storage facility. Nice and quiet during the night, not good for long term stay but OK for a night or two.