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Camp Gulf

Destin, Florida

Date of Stay:

Not in Destin. This park is a con. We were lured here with the promise of ocean front sites and wanted to leave as soon as we arrived (we opted for "near ocean front" at Good Sam's rate of $125/night as ocean front was an unbelievable $180/night). Unfortunately, park has "no cancellation" policy" (2 weeks notice required) and we didn't want to throw away $250 (for 2 nights). The park is in Miramar Beach -- 10 miles from many of Destin's attractions -- and offers very cramped sites. Dirty bathrooms and showers. Tents are allowed in the "upper" section of the park but not near the beach, where we were located. Our neighbors flaunted the rules, putting an RV and tent on their site and partially on ours. They also partied (loudly) until midnight. At $125/night we expected something beautiful. Park feels like being in a cramped city center. There are 10 or so beach-front sites but these are very small and given placement of water/electric you have to back in (so no view when in your camper). The beach is beautiful but a much better option would be the State Park in Gulf Shores, AL (highest rate is $37/night and it's gorgeous). Another irritation was the internet -- we were not given a log-on password and when we called to get one it still didn't work. Finally got it working but only one user allowed at a time. Had to call again so my husband could also have access. If you pause for a couple of minutes the service logs you off. Very frustrating. Pluses: nice beach, good for kids, ample facilities (though not maintained well and bathrooms are dirty), and is near huge outlet mall. Negatives: Exorbitant prices, crowded, not in Destin, bad internet, not worth it.

Date of Stay:

We arrived at this park on a Wednesday night and by Thursday morning were searching for an alternative. This park is very noisy due to its immediate proximity to I-95 (and I-295) and the JAX airport. Pluses are large pull-through sites with concrete pads, and well-groomed lawns. Facilities are very average: small pool, club house, and restrooms/showers/laundry near the office/entrance. Negatives are noise, plus the fact that there are no amenities, trash cans or bathrooms at any other location in the park (other than near entrance). There is also quite a bit of dog waste near the river side of the park. There are dog rules admonishing people to pick up after their pets, but many don't. There are not many options for other parks in the area, but we're going to look. OK for a couple of nights but this wouldn't be our first choice next time around.