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We have been coming to the this campground for many years. It's a small place with two, out dated playgrounds, one being on the beach. The kids have fun never the less. You can hear the trucks going by on the highway at night but there is a Dunkin Donuts within walking distance to the campground. There is shuffle board, mini golf, basketball, horseshoes, paddle boats, and a rec hall for the kids to enjoy. There are two beaches, one being bigger but both have a floating dock to swim out to and play on. The store and rec hall is kept clean but the ceiling needs some work. The huge fireplace in the rec hall is a nice place to sit on the cold or wet nights, though there could be some upgraded chairs for the adults to sit in. The electrical hookup is 20 or 30 amp and you need to be specific on your electrical needs when booking a site. If you need to use the AC, go for the 30 amp or higher if possible, other wise you will be blowing fuses the entire time you are here. The sewer hook up works just fine and there is good water pressure. There are several, long time seasonal trailers. Some appear old but none are neglected. The bathrooms are old and could use to be remodeled and tend to get dirty toward the end of the weekend. The seasonal campers are very involved in planning and organizing events and activities. Things such as theme dances, dinners, flea markets, Bingo, Texas Holdem games, apple picking, Christmas in July, trick or treating for kids, campsite contests, and fundraising events for different charities. The seasonal campers are watchful of the grounds and are approachable if you should need advice. The campground staff are friendly and responsive when something needs attention. People tend to respect the quiet hours but you will see some late night campers sitting quietly around the fire-pit talking. The campground is owned by a single woman who does her best to maintain the property. This is a great little place with lots of potential. Its great for a weekend get away though there isn't much for local attractions near by. My kids love this place, the best compared to all the resorts we have been to. We like it because it's two hours from Boston and is an easy trip with 2 young kids in the car. Despite the rustic surroundings the campground is kept clean and tidy. I would recommend giving it a try. It has grown on us over the years.

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We camped with 2 younger children. The campground was clean and well kept but the playground was sub standard and out dated. It looked like something I played on in the 1970's though the kids made the best of it. We had some conflict with the staff. 1. The store was closing at 9:00pm. The time was 8:55 and we needed to get to the store to buy the all famous glow sticks for the girls. (Little things go a long way in a child's mind.) We were on the farthest part of the campground and decided to put the girls in the plastic wagon and the 2 adults (age 40) would run and pull them in the wagon so we could make it before the store closed. It was like a reality show challenge but we decided it would be fun to try. The kids were laughing, the adults were huffing and puffing but we made it and the girls were happy about the over priced glow sticks. Mission impossible complete. As parents we were proud of ourself for getting the job of providing a bit of happiness to our kids done. While walking our way back to the camp site we were pulled over by staff police and reprimanded and warned for running too fast in the campground with a wagon. Feeling a little foolish we walked on and for the rest of the visit we didn't run in fear of being removed from the campground. I'm 30lbs over weight and I've never been pulled over for running too fast. 2. When we were trying to enjoy the pool and hot tub we were harassed by an elderly pool police woman. I was in the hot tub and the kids were in the pool. My daughters arm floats kept slipping down and she approached the hot tub for help with readjusting them. (She can swim but being a nervous parent I made her wear them.) My daughter was warned not to go near the hot tub and she quickly went back to the pool. A second time she needed some assistance with the arm floats and approached the hot tub. Again the woman quickly came over to us and we got a 2nd warning. The 3rd time my daughter approached me for help with the pesky arm floats. Frustrated with the arm device, I told my daughter to brace her hand on the side of the tub so I could give her a good tug upwards and finally get this thing right. Well as soon as my daughter put her hand on the edge of the tub, the tactical hot tub enforcement team pounced and the elderly woman put my daughter in time out on a chair for 10 minutes against my will. For touching the hot tub?! We were the only people in the swimming area at the time so it seems the staff woman didn't have anyone else to occupy her mind. After the 2 negative experiences with the staff and us "breaking the rules" we walked around nervous about what we might do wrong next. We have never been back to this campground since. But it does lend itself to a good story for our other camping friends.