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Lake Hartwell Camping and Cabins is so run down and pathetic. Below are some of the reasons why you should not stay there. BATHROOMS: They clean their bathrooms maybe once a day. There were several days that there was hair on the shower walls that was not removed, caked on human waste on the toilets, dead bugs in the sinks and overflowing trash. There are 5 shower/bathrooms and while we were here, they only had 3 open and the other two locked. the bathrooms do not have paper towels or soap and they are ALWAYS DIRTY. INTERNET: They claim there is internet but the only place you can get it is on a bench outside their office. For days it was not even working there. If you do connect, it was so slow and not worth the trouble. THERE IS NO CELL SERVICE IN THE AREA strong enough to connect 3G so you are out of luck. ELECTRIC: I cannot tell you how many times our power cut out and the breaker blew. I talked with several long term people here and they laughed and said that happens all the time. WATER PRESSURE: Their water pressure is guaranteed to drop, or even no water at all when they have a few campers. We had to turn on our pump to force water from their lines just to flush our toilets. SEPTIC: They had several instances where their septic lines were backed up and if someone at a higher camper dumped their lines, human waste would flood out of the lower sewer hookups under campers making for a horrible smell and a biological hazard. STAFF: Their staff does not care about the place, their visitors or complaints. To give an example. I work out of my camper full time. The day we got here, I realized the issue with the internet. I told them the situation and asked for a refund so I could go somewhere else. They refused! I have heard them tell other visitors the same thing, no help, no refund, no good! Vehicles have been broken into, neighbor kids running around at night, vandalism and theft. Not a great place to be! The owner is so cheap that one of their staff that "cleans" for them, the golfcart she uses needs a battery but the owners are too cheap to get a new one so she has to continually plug it in wherever she goes. RUN DOWN: It is obvious that the owners do not take care of this place since there are ants everywhere (wife is allergic), the mini-golf course is falling apart and the wood is rotting away, the boat dock has seen it's last days, the rental boats are dirty and beaten up (dents, rips in seats, poorly maintained), playground items are rusty and dirty (they use a drain pipe as a "play area"). They put in PLASTIC FLOWERS to make it look like they have landscaped. PLASTIC FLOWERS!!! How pathetic. There are several other places that are cleaner, MUCH LESS expensive, and have better grounds to enjoy yourself. FAILS to deliver and takes your money with no recourse. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE.

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Here we go. First check-in. Pretty smooth, signed up for the Zone package from Encore and choose this location since it was the closest to our current campground. The first site they gave us the 30 AMP service did not work. Found this our AFTER I had the slides out. UGG. They moved us over one site and in our two week stay; they tried putting other people on the faulty site as well. The showers are strong and great if you are less than 5' 10. If you are taller like me, you will get cramped up trying to get yourself washed from the neck up. Let's talk about the bugs and spiders in the bathrooms. I had killed a black spider about the size of a baby red bliss potato the first night I used the shower and there were always these little black bugs right outside the moldy shower curtain. There were other spiders IN the shower stall, ABOVE the shower stall and AROUND the bathroom. Now I know how Lady Gaga feels when all those eyes are on her. YUK! Now to the real report about this campground. The entire park is dirt and gravel and the limited pavement ends in a fatigued pothole mess as soon as you turn into the park like it just gave up on trying to resemble pavement. The horseflies seem to have has some sort of military training and they were fast and accurate in their attacks on us. There are three or four "retired" campers that have most likely seen their last days peppered throughout the campground. They are very easy to spot. They are the ones covered in grime and draped with a tarp most likely to signify their demise. The playground consists of a plastic playhouse that has a nation of spiders planning their attack on the human race, the swing set swings have no rubber bushings on the top of the chain so children will most likely pass out trying to get any type of speed or height on them. The slide has joined forces with the horseflies and devised a way not to be used. Once a small bottom skin exposed or covered in cloth starts down the slide it allows about 28" of sliding time before it decides to stop you in mid-slide. Not very enjoyable for the children who sit halfway down trying to scoots themselves down the remainder to get a small bit of enjoyment. That is definitely a “one slide” ride. The teeter-totters make more noise than two cats tied together by their tails and unlike the KOA down the street (I suggest going there). The Oaks pool was NOT opened so we could have a safe haven from the onslaught of the military horseflies and mosquitoes. The "pond" was decent but the thought of one of our family members being eaten (dog included) by one of the multitude of alligators, we have visited as our last resort. There is no place to take a decent bike ride unless you try the service road (drivers @ 60 mph) or the abandoned stores near the park entrance that are strewn with broken glass. Walking is not possible since you are stuck being attacked by the horseflies OR hiding in your camper until evening. That is when the night shift takes over and the mosquitoes manage the assault for our blood while the horseflies have a little R&R. The "put-put" golf was more fun playing off the course through the trees since the course was pathetic. It was not maintained and anything that was an object or obstacle on the course made of wood was rotted. Hitting the balls around the trees with my daughter gave more enjoyment than trying to manipulate through this ancient rotting artifact! I suggest not trying the pizza and going to the KOA for it instead. You can grab a beer there too. The pizza was edible but there was not enjoyment from it. Toppings were sparse and lacked any real cheese. The food sold in the "store" looks like they were left behind at a flea market. Below is a letter I wrote to the owners about the food they sell at the campground. It has been over a week and we never got a call or an apology. Yes my daughter did not get sick thankfully but they could not even reply to us. Shame on them! Bottom line, don't bother coming to “The Oaks” at Point South unless you are so ready to end you life after being attacked by either the horseflies, mosquitoes, out of date food or a possible alligator attack! I would like to make a complaint of a medical nature. Your property in SC has a “general store” that sold my 9 year old daughter a moon pie that was a 1.4 years (year and 4 months) PAST the expiration date the date that this should have been removed from the shelves. The packaging shows expiration date of 01/15/10. that is around the time you created your Facebook page. This is not a week, or two, it is a more than a year! After eating a small portion she asked me if these were supposed to taste this way. I took a bite and was overwhelmed with the taste of mold. Now my wife, my daughter and I are in a panic since my daughter has eaten and swallowed this very old piece of moldy food sold by your property. We appreciate and like the manager, but cannot allow this possible medical issue to be brushed aside. I immediately went to the main office, the woman who was at the front desk just said to get something else without a care to the possibility of my daughter getting sick. She did not offer me a refund and I speculate that she has failed to remove the remainder of the box that was there in the store. I ask how you are going to rectify this situation since we just purchased a zone package through you and this is our first location we visited. I pray that my daughter does not get sick but in the event that it does happen, I have kept the moon pie and the packaging showing the date for proof. I request an immediate reply and compensation for this major oversight in allowing moldy food to be sold at one of your properties and the poor response by your employee in light of this discovery. I am sure this is not how you expect to manage your properties and I hope that you make this right so we can continue to RV in your parks. I will also be checking the store for other items being sold past their expiration date and pray that none have been eaten by other travelers. I do not want this to directly affect the managers since they are sweet people, but the possibility of my daughter getting sick supersedes everything. We do not recommend this campground unless you are trying to commit suicide, knowingly want to cause harm to one of your family members or have an odd sense of thrill seeking (which you must seek immediate help for). This dirt hole is run down, cannot get any decent cell service, internet (Tango is offered but futile) or satellite.


Tifton KOA

Tifton, Georgia

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Got in just before dark. This was our first campground (one night only) and the quietness of this place was awesome. That did change since they are next to a trucking company that decided to open at @ 6 AM with hydraulic drills and banging. It seems the campground was on the maintenance side of the building. Other than that it was nice. The interior sites were not level but our jacks did a good job so no complaints there. If you are looking for a place to stay that you do not need an alarm clock to wake you up early, this is the place for you. It there was no business next door, they would have been higher scored. Like in life, you cannot choose your neighbors. Campgrounds included.