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The RV parks in Bullhead City and surrounding area charge about $335 a month including electricity in that price range. But this El Rio RV park is way out of line as they charge over $500 a month! The RV park is partially surrounded by a motel, so it is not a pure RV park. You share the area with transient motel guests. The RV park is all gravel and with back-in sites. It is near a very noisy, highway 95. This RV park is not a desirable place to stay when you compare to the many other paved and "pure RV" parks all around Bullhead City. Frankly, I was very shocked at the high prices this RV park is charging, as it is way out of line with the other RV parks. No wonder I have seen it look way less than one-third full even in the busy winter season! They need to lower their pricing: a lot! If the price was lower, it would not be so bad, but it needs to be lower than a true RV park as transients are all around the RV park in the motel and that makes me uncomfortable and a potential risk of breaking and entering and theft of personal items. It's not a true 100% dedicated RV park and it certainly is not a high-end resort as the name implies that is might be. A resort, to me, is a premium rated facility. You can do a lot better camping elsewhere.

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This RV park high on a windy hilltop has many troubles with loud wind chimes, barking dogs, trucks and motorcycles with very loud exhaust (no mufflers) and these "permanent residents" are permitted to routinely violate the park's written noise rules with impunity. Permanent residents have "special rights" so it is discrimination to other RV'rs who don't stay all year long. But to make matters worse this RV park will take your reservation and your deposit money, assign you an RV site space number and when you arrive to your space you find another "permanent resident" took your space! You then are forced to move and end up in some inferior space you never intended or wanted or agreed to obtain. This is a violation of written contract law and it is illegal when money and a space number is assigned to you in a reservation. (Hotels do not assign room numbers when making reservations, but RV parks do assigen RV space numbers, so the written contract is firm and legal that you do get that space you reserved and contracted for) but this RV park is so oppressive it willfully and intentionally violates your written contract. This switching and special preferencing is discrimination and illegal and violating contract law, but they are doing it anyway. You can sue the RV park if they do this to you! You can complain to Fair Housing Dept for discrimination and the Attorney General office for unfair business practices. They will get you justice. If you are not a permanent resident don't expect this RV park to resolve any noise complaints or serious problems you may have. If noise rules are being violated, you will suffer as they will not enforce park rules upon any permanent resident. Beware of this RV park. It has oppressive policies. There are many other very nice RV parks in this area of Arizona that treat everyone equally and fairly. Avoid this place. If you want to stay in a law-abiding RV park go elsewhere!

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When I pulled in I found the sites were too close together and I could not park the 31-foot RV into any space (total length 46 feet with truck). So, when I asked for a refund, because I could not stay, they told me they would credit my credit card, but to my dismay they never did. I then sent them e-mails and the e-mails were ignored. I sent postal letters and those too were ignored. I then had to file a formal dispute with my bank credit card to get them to send the refund. It was a frustrating experience.