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First time visiting this campground. Staff was very friendly at first arrival, and the campground and facilities were very clean and organized. The site itself was a nice size and clean as well. Easy in and out with our 34' TT. We had a lot of rain this weekend and the rivers flowing through the campsites were pretty big and deep, however, they did drain out pretty good after the storms passed. My issue was the number of seasonal campers who thought of themselves as mightier than the transients. They felt it was okay to complain about our radio at 10:15 when quiet hours didn't start until 10:45, yet their dog was barking, yelping and running all over the place. The campground staff was also very one-sided in this regard. Our radio wasn't too loud, and others around us were fine with the volume. So I am just chalking this up to the individual who seemed to be really tight with the staff. Since the heavy rain fell all day, we couldn't enjoy the facilities as we would have normally done. The campground just opened and RC Track, however, they don't tell you electric cars only. Just an FYI. We will considering camping here again, but hopefully another site will be available.

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This was our first trip to Jellystone based on previous visits by friends. We wound up having a great time. Friends of ours tent camped about 10 sites away from us and also had a very good experience. The campground was not totally sold out, but it was close. This was also the Grand Opening Weekend for their new Tikki Bay spray park and everyone seemed to really have a good time and the staff could not have been more friendly. There was plenty of activity going on for the kids to have a good time. Our site was a very nice size, however, backing our 34' TT in was a bit of a task as there were trees pretty close at the very front of our site. We are planning to return in the near future especially since it is a very close trip for us.



Tom's Cove Park

Chincoteague, Virginia

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This was our first camp ground experience with our new Travel Trailer and we had a great time. We camped with other friends who were in tents across from us and we all had a great time. The sites are a little narrow, but we still had plenty of room for our slide outs, and we also were in one of four spots in the E Section with sewer. We had a bit of trouble getting in, but we did manage. The staff was amazing, and the grounds were also very clean. The only drawback was that the mosquito's were horrible. They did spray a couple of the days and that seemed to work a bit. We are looking forward to going back next year for Memorial Day weekend again.