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This campground is very "Family" friendly. They encourage you to bring your Non-camping family and friends in to spend quality time together. The owners and other campers are very friendly. It's quiet and cozy. My teenage son enjoyed riding on the golf cart trails and swimming in the pond. We did not see too many other kids, mostly older people. We will definitely go back and invite our other camping friends.



Bayou Bluffs

Cornell, Illinois

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This is a Party campground. Not for kids. I would not let my son go anywhere alone here. Underage drinking and a lot of loud drunks on golf carts that are they to drink and party. It's very dirty because of the gravel roads and they do not do any upkeep on the place. When you first pull in, it looks like a Junk Yard! There's a lot of dumpy old trailers and campers just junk sitting around. There is NOTHING for kids to do here. there's a very small pool and is usually very crowded. The electricity kept tripping because they had too many large campers plugged in. Not happy and never going back.