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Like everyone else we booked our six night stay according to the website pictures, which are beautiful in the winter time. Yes, Ranger J. requested a check before arrival. That's one way to hook you. We traveled 700 miles to have a 10 day vacation in the UP. After owning a camper for eight years we decided to tent camp. My husband had talked to Ranger J multiple times and everything was all positive. Until the day we arrived. I knew the minute we got to the ranger station, after finding it in the high weeds, it was bad and going to get worse. The campsites were sandy with wood chips covering the sand. Although some of the campsites were spacious, we did not have a picnic table and when we finally got one it was rotten. We waited until our neighbors left and went to get theirs. We didn't even have a specified campsite when we arrived which is why we thought we had to send the check. There was no grass. The grass/weeds were knee high. This certainly doesn't help in the infestation of the deer flies and mosquitoes. The bathrooms were clean when we first arrived but had not been cleaned the whole time we were there. The sinks were leaking from the pipes and were very dirty. The hand soap was even watered down. The bathroom garbage started smelling like rotten cigarettes and dirty diapers by day three. The toilets leaked every time you flushed. The toilet bowls were a brownish color. I don't know if that was because of the well water or from not being cleaned. The unisex showers were filthy. Hair all over the walls that had been there since day one. There are four showers and I think two of them locked. The lighting in the showers is terrible. One small light. No curtain between the shower section and the dressing section so needless to say we were putting wet clothes on after showering. We didn't know if we were going to have hot water to shower everyday. The garbage dumpster was piling up day after day. Animals got into it two days before the garbage truck came. The playground was a site from a horror movie. Speaking of movies there was a movie pretty much every night. Very loud. Never went to see one because they were war movies and not kid/family friendly. The movie theater was about the nicest thing in the campground. I am tempted to call the Marquette Health Department. My husband ask Ranger J for a refund for the last two nights saying we have seen everything we came to see. But of course his answer was NO. We did leave a day early and ate our last night stay. The website shows all of these beautiful rock carvings done by Ranger J They are really nice but you cannot see half of them because of the over growth of weeds/grass. To cut down on the dust the roads need to be gravel not sand. We think Ranger J is in desperate need of a staff to help him. Also a weed whacker or lawn mower would make this campground look a little nicer along with a few dump loads of gravel. Over all our visit to the UP was a great one. We will NEVER camp at Gitchee Gummee again. In my opinion I think his website is considered false advertising. I didn't taste the fudge for obvious reasons.


Evergreen Park

Dundee, Ohio

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This park is a beautiful campground. It is very quiet except for the busy road. Management is very friendly and cooperative. If you like the Amish this is the perfect place to camp. Shopping in Berlin is only a short drive away. The sites are a little close but we always camp with relatives so we like it this way. It is a very dog friendly park. The indoor pool is clean and looks very well maintained. The hot tub wasn't too hot and except for the gum in the rocks it is very nice. We are coming here again real soon. Would camp here again in a heartbeat.