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After staying here before,I decided to give it another try. I needed to order several items online,and they will ship to this park.It was a big mistake,as it's worse now than it was on the previous stay. This is a poorly run,overpriced gravel parking lot. The owners live next door,but they are rarely in the park. The daily rate is an outrageous 30.00 a day and there are no amenities. Just a dusty gravel lot. While staying here I also encountered damage by the young kids mowing,I told him on 3 different occasions they were throwing rocks with their gas powered weed trimmers while they were trimming the grass in the gravel all around every site,one of the employees was using one that didn't even have a guard on it. My camper and car were damaged. Never even got as much as an I'm sorry from anyone there after telling them and the so-called manager. A few days later another person got their drivers window broken out by rocks from the mowers. The owners and employees have absolutely no regard for other peoples property. Also had a brand new sewer hose that they put holes in with their weed trimmers. They have minimal rules posted in small print in the office,but none are enforced.I also had a very rude and noisy neighbor that started his old dodge diesel work truck up at 5:00 am every morning just a few feet from my camper,then letting it idle for 30 minutes before leaving for work,when I complained several times,nothing was done and I was told I could move. There are no amenities included in the price. Their is a restaurant, I was advised by other people staying in the campground that it had terrible food and service,so I didn't try it based on that advice. There are some pull through sites with 50a,and some 30a back ins,all are the same rate.The sewer and water hookups are very close together,the water hookup is underground just inches from the sewer hookup. There is also a pay fishing lake that's not included in the rates,they charge extra for it. They have wifi,but it's very slow. I used verizon aircard,only got 1 bar had to use my wilson amp and external antenna. No showers here,just a small restroom at the restaurant. Would never stay there again,there are other places nearby including several coe parks with amenities that are much cheaper. Rates are 30.00 daily,200.00 weekly,500.00 monthly.

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This is a nice COE park. Usually crowded through the summer month's. Cool in the summer as it's below the dam. Would likely stay again. Water and electric, no sewer hookups.

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This place does not care about the RV'ers. The drive coming in and all around the park is loose gravel.They have a speed limit sign of 15 mph,which is too fast and not enforced. Some drive through here at 25mph creating a huge cloud of dust. One of the employees goes in and out several times a day in his truck with loud exhaust, and is always flying through here creating a huge cloud of dust.They mow several times a week and mow very close throwing gravel and making a lot of dust. We had to yell at the young guy trimming as he was pelting our trailer with rocks while running the weed trimmer. The water hook ups are on the ground inches away from the sewer hookups. It's noisy from road traffic,about 1 out 5 vehicles runs over the rumble strips on the edge of the road, very loud at night. Seems some might be doing it on purpose. The park is mostly full of permanent campers. Overpriced as there is nothing here to do. Would never stay here again.