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The site we selected was probably the most level one we have ever parked on. The RR and laundry rooms were in very good condition and clean. The park is scenic with large oak trees and plenty of shade. Also, there is golf course handy (within walking distance to the clubhouse). The only downside was that some person living in a private residence adjacent to the park had a dog outside in the yard that barked incessantly. Thank goodness they took the nasty beast inside about 10 p.m. This was the only reason I did not rate this camp a 10. The park host is situated closer to the barking dog than we were, so I wonder why he/she did not already intervene, as I am sure they could hear it as well as we.

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We spent about 3 weeks here and enjoyed our stay. It will be nicer when the trees are larger, but owners have planted many and work to keep them watered and grass trimmed. Shower rooms with toilets were very clean at all times. The owners are very friendly and attentive. They have a nice little general store, sell ice and propane. The only downside was no specific place for dog owners to walk their dogs, so they tended to use the tent camping area, not realizing what it was for. Also, most did not pick up after their dogs. That aside, we loved the view of Lander Valley and enjoyed our stay. Would recommend this place to anyone.


Limon KOA

Limon, Colorado

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This park has unpaved roads with large potholes and much standing water (it had rained earlier, but the drainage was obviously poor). Some of the sites were in standing water. Very few trees. The sewer was stopped up as I learned when draining black water tank. This created a real mess and the man on duty had to come auger it several times to open it. Also, we have never seen so many houseflies. In all, it was over-priced and was occupied by a number of workmen who had little regard for others as they yelled and laughed loudly early in the morning. Would never stay here again.