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"Rough camped" all over, but never been in a campground that felt so unimproved. Most sites are impossible to put a tent in, much less a camper. Spots are "backwards", in that the traffic flow goes against the direction the camp spots are cut so you can't back a camper into the sites. Trees and narrow roads prevent proper clearances to maneuver campers into camp spots. If you want to get out and rough it and you've got a very small camper or a tent, this is the place for you. No price break for after the "season" is over either.



Spring Campground

Hyrum, Utah

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5 miles up a gravel road...pretty rocky. Be prepared to bounce. Not for the faint of heart, but oh what a beautiful spot. Many "pull-out" spots for those who want to rough it and save the few bucks the camp site costs. All along the stream leading to Blacksmiths Fork Creek. Beautiful country camping! Located outside Hyrum UT-12.6 mi E off SR 101