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Poche Plantation

Convent, Louisiana

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We took the "free tour" that was offered of the Poche Mansion, offered if we stayed at least two nights, so we agreed. We were only passing through and originally just planned on staying one night. Surprised, we were met by a colorful middle-aged man who rode up on the plantation's tractor. We were not alone; another 12 campers also were treated as the actual owner of this "nationally registered" historic mansion took the time and began to educate us all on how the location of Poche Plantation RV Resort really was a terrific home base to take in the sights, delight our taste buds, offering access easily via day tripping by our tow cars to the best culturally rich Louisiana we came to see and experience. Within a few minutes, we all knew this tour was gonna be like no other. This man, who was born and raised in this area and also spent seven years as a full timer, had a good perspective of many questions, attractions guest might seek, food that would delight our taste buds, and festivals with music distinctively Cajun Louisiana. And his knowledge of all these areas he shared, along with the unique history Poche is known for. As we walked, he talked, and we visited the historic church and the over 200 year old Sugar Cane Grotto and graveyard The grounds as we walked were all manicured to perfection, and the views of the Mississippi River sunsets were so memorable. The hiking and bike trails would not have even been known nor would our two night visit offered time to experience if we wouldn't have done what Mark said most do and that is extend our stay. Totally we stayed 16 nights and 14 adventure filled days. Two days we lounged by the heated pool in 75 degree days and spent a half dozen cool nights in their gigantic hot tub. The kids loved the movie room, the game room, and hiking along the great Mississippi river hunting frogs or catching some catfish. Similarly, I thought, Huck Finn must have enjoyed, just like our kids did, this laid back style only in Louisiana, along this great river while living on one of great river road historic plantations. If you travel anywhere close to Louisiana and don't make Poche Plantation your destination there can only be two logical reasons. One, you just didn't know such a place existed or you don't wanna enjoy what Louisiana is all about. If you're reading this you know can't use the first excuse. We will return and just wanna say thanks to the staff and owner; the pleasure was all ours and you truly made our whole family feel as we are now part of the Poche Plantation family. Again, thanks.

Date of Stay:

We stayed 6 days and enjoyed the social atmosphere. It was just so large of a place, but really clean and well staffed. We would return.