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RV parks in Jacksonville are very limited so this one is handy for business in the city or when you have people to visit. 25 minute drive to beaches. The neighborhood is a little questionable but we had no trouble during our stay. The park is half "trailer park" and half for Rv's. The staff and managers are great people and run the park very well. The only main let-down for the park is the bathrooms. No doubt the managers are limited on what they could do with run-down aging bathrooms that are difficult to clean. It is time the owners dipped into their pockets and modernized them. An update for the building is way overdue and as a result we could only say that they were way below the standard expected of $35 a night.



Pensacola RV Park

Pensacola, Florida

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OK park, especially for an overnight. Wouldn't want to stay too long. Park looks like a storage yard for RV's. Price is high for what it is. Bathrooms good & clean. Good Wi-Fi. Good cable. But the aesthetics are not that good. For us anyway. Strange location as well.

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Great park. New. For others wanting to create an RV park - take a look at this one and make a copy. Well done owners. The only thing missing is picnic tables at site, but I'm sure they are on the shopping list. Dog Park is the "Rolls Royce" of parks. Even has a pool and training equipment for dogs, all fenced. Great bathrooms - spotless. Big Friendly welcome.