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The setting, scenery and trails at this park are beautiful. The staff and owners of this park are unprofessional. The park claims to be dog-friendly, it is NOT dog-friendly. We came to this park on November 1st, paid our rent of $375 plus $50 electric deposit with a debit card. We in no way gave the indication that we were a charity case. After a couple of days, the owner spoke to my husband and discovered that we haul gravel for a living with our big rigs and gravel trailers. He immediately began asking us to haul some gravel for him, in exchange for future payments on rent. At first my husband thought it would be OK, but then the owner told my husband we would have to buy the gravel AND haul it in for him. We did not feel comfortable with this at all. The owner also asked me to clean the bathrooms in exchange for future rent. Since the park has a minimum of 3 full-time staff, that seemed extremely unreasonable to me, as a park guest, to have to clean the restrooms. I also work full-time. We were not able to even consider doing this work, with our schedules. We came home this Friday, November 23rd to see piles of gravel all through the park, so the owner had managed to get the gravel himself, as he should. However, today, November 25th, the owner handed me a piece of paper telling us that our dogs had generated numerous "noise complaints" and we would be asked to leave if there was one more complaint. Since our dogs go to work with us every single day, and are rarely left at home alone except when we run short errands, this issue is fabricated. We do not allow our dogs to bark. We have kept them on a leash at all times, and have only let them out on a leash by back door when we are home. Of course they do bark when strangers walk by, but not incessantly. They are not out of control by anyone's standard. Our neighbor here is also a co-worker, and he has seen the dogs with us every day. We believe this complaint was fabricated because we did not do what the owner asked us to do. I believe his behavior is unprofessional at best. This park is NOT dog-friendly, unless you do not let your dog to be seen or heard at anytime. I do not recommend this park to animal owners.

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In western North Dakota, all the regular RV parks are very quickly filled to capacity. We arrived in late July and most parks were completely full. The area offers charming small camping parks, around area lakes. These parks do not have sewer or water usually, but they offer primitive camping without electricity, and they offer electricity at some sites. All are first come, first serve. The best thing about these parks is they are quiet and you stay right on the water. The McGregor Dam park offers a beautiful lake, filled with fish. It is located north of Tioga on Hwy 40, one mile south of the tiny town of McGregor. It is off the beaten path, but such a lovely spot. The local authorities do maintain the park, and let folks enjoy the peace and quiet most of the time, unless there are complaints. This park offers a 5 space area with electrical hookups at the main entrance. The are another 3 spots that on individual peninsulas that offer electrical hookups. These are a bit on a slant, but gives an individual yard for each camper or RV. There is a 4th peninsula, but not sure if had electrical or not. On the other side of the lake, there are 4 primitive sites with no amenities, but these are also like peninsulas, and there is an individual yard for each camper. These are very peaceful. There are restrooms available in both areas, but no showers. Fishing is allowed. There are a lot of birds on the lake. Deer are common in the area, and believe it or not, some mountain lions are roaming in North Dakota and have been seen south in the area of Watford City. We did not see any personally, but bear, moose and elk roam here, also. This park is quite busy during the summer, so the limit is 14 days. We also went back in October when almost no one was there. The park officials do not like to allow it, but they did let us stay a day or so extra while we hunted for a new place to park. They expect patrons to pick up after themselves and to allow others peaceful enjoyment. They are extremely pet friendly, many people bring their hunting dogs to run out there. Our 4 dogs loved this park!! We had plenty of personal space, they could run free in our individual area on the peninsula. Once we moved to the electrical hookup area, there were some dogs running free and causing some trouble, but ours are well-behaved and did not get into any trouble because we do not just turn them loose. This issue could be a problem as the dogs running loose were small, and could be hurt if someone allowed a bigger dog to run free at the same time. Overall, this is an excellent place to stay in North Dakota.