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Markham Park

Sunrise, Florida

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Generally positive experience. Fenced off-leash dog park. Sound of firearms from the target range in the park. Weekends, if there, is an event you have to wait in a sometimes long line at the gate to drive back in to the park. Park office said to make reservations which can be cancelled. That means that even if they have reservations the people may not show up so you never really know about availability. Make reservations and just cancel what you end up not wanting. Secluded, which is both good and bad. Long drive to beaches or Ft. Lauderdale. Pretty good part of town. Right outside the gate is a very affluent area. Still had a rash of car break-ins at the dog park when we were there. Carnies flood the place once a year in winter.

Date of Stay:

I don't know why other reviewers liked this campground. The sites are all in a parking lot. Seriously. All asphalt and concrete. A very busy road goes right by the campground and it is elevated (an overpass) so it looks right down into the campground. No privacy. One side of the campground is the road, one side is all the park's maintenance buildings and equipment, one side is a paved walking path that brings constant walking traffic and the fourth side is an industrial chain link fence and behind the fence is a railroad yard! $40/day + tax is close to $1400/month. People! Rent an apartment. Or a house for less. I asked at the park office why they put RVers back in a corner of the park with no trees, privacy or amenities, and they laughed at me. They said it was an afterthought to make money. They said, "Well, you're there". Ha! I left next day. Any of the parks in the area are better than this one. If it is on your route and you just want a place for a night or two it's ok for that. Other than that, it's really a pit of a place. P.S. I did not use the toilets. They are not conveniently located. (Look at a map.)