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We stayed here for 2 months. While the owners are taking steps to give the park a little more "curb appeal," it is still rather overgrown and shabby. The roads throughout the park are very uneven. We had a ton of problems with the electric; new sites were being added to the park, and as soon as they routed power to those sites, we kept having problems with our breakers flipping, even when we weren't using very much juice in our rig. The bathrooms were frankly, gross. The toilets repeatedly overflowed and weren't cleaned once while we were here. For two months! Also, the showers were mildewy and again, never cleaned. Also, they just had flimsy curtains in the bathrooms, rather than doors. No privacy at all. The owners are a husband and wife team. He was very nice and helpful, but she was kind of hateful. We always felt like we were being watched and nitpicked by her, even though we followed all of their rules. She acted like it was a big bother anytime we asked her for help with something, so we just tried to avoid her as much as possible. If you have kids, there's absolutely nothing for them to do here, and the owners don't really seem to like having kids in the park. They did have a couple of washers and dryers, but again, the woman who owns the place had put up so many "Do not do this, this, this, etc.," signs on the walls in their laundry area, that I didn't even want to fool with using them for fear of getting blamed for doing something wrong. I was really glad to leave, and wouldn't recommend this place to anyone. Rather than being welcomed as a good customer or camper here, you're sort of treated like the enemy. I'd really consider the other places around Guthrie before you give them your business.


Salem RV park

Salem, Oregon

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The owners and staff here were so nice! The park is beautifully maintained and convenient to all the stores along Lancaster Road. Loved the laundry room; good prices and very clean! If we're ever in Salem again, we will definitely stay here.