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Fiesta Key RV Resort

Long Key, Florida

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The only great thing the park has is the view, that's it! The staff from the minute you get there is rude. You don't get a welcoming feeling. The staff has no customer service training. We were only staying two nights and signed paperwork like if we were leasing an apartment for a year. It was ridiculous! The staff told us over the phone the cabin was for six occupants. When we got there the cabin only had one room with a full/queen size bed. The upstairs was no second floor; it was just a bunk (an adult cannot stand up, it was strictly for sleeping) with two twin mattresses on the floor. That is only enough beds for four adults. The sofa was not a sofa bed. In order for the other two adults to sleep, we had to inflate an inflatable bed that did not even fit in the living room (that's how small the space was). We had to move the table into the kitchen in order to sleep at night. My husband rented a dock for his boat. As he was parking he noticed the space he paid for was taken. He brought it up to the staff there, and the issue was never resolved. The pillows were missing covers; the staff never replaced them. Luckily we had brought extra pillows. They were ridiculous about towels; only eight towels for six people for two nights. No pool towels we had buy our own in the nearest Walgreens over 10 miles away. The convenience store inside the park was nearly empty and only opened from 7am - 5pm. The checkout time was at 11:00AM; we asked to stay a few more hours if possible since there was no one else coming the same day. The park wanted to charge us $95.00 for staying in the house until 6:00PM and $10.00 per person for using park facilities. We decided not to stay. We left the kitchen utensils and cookware clean and in it's place. We made the beds,and put all the furniture back in place. The towels had been washed and dried with the exceptions of the ones used that morning. We took out the trash and left everything spotless despite the fact that they did not even have a broom or a mop/swifter to clean with. Two days later my husband had a cleaning charge. When my husband called to dispute this charge because he knew it had to be a mistake the manager himself told my husband that we were lucky he had not charged us more. He made offensive and racial comments. After my husband tried to reason with him, he made a comment about us that we knew he was mistakenly charging us for another cabin's mess, but still refused to return the money. We are now in dispute with the credit card company in hopes to retrieve the cleaning fee that was charged to us in error. They overly charged us for the cabin, and their service was awful. If you are planning to stay in a home in the Keys or a campground, take your money somewhere else. Even the campground was awful. The sites are to close together and there is no electricity. Everyone has to share one plug by the bathrooms to inflate their beds. The Wi-fi is only available at the restaurant; there are no activities, and again the staff is rude.

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It was great, we had lots of fun and would definitely recommend it to anyone else. If it was closer to where we live, we would definitely go regularly because it was a great experience.