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Cherrystone Family Camping & RV Resort, Cape Charles, Virginia

Date of Stay: June, 2006 - $45.00
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Extremely poor customer service! We have camped here several years in a row and have been getting more and more disappointed each year with incidents that have happened to us as well as families camping with us on their own sites. We only continue to visit this campground because my husband enjoys fishing in Cape Charles and only gets away to do it one week a year. I have never met such rude and unreasonable staff members at any other campground. Our visit this year lasted one night, although we had paid for a week! They made us leave, but refused to give us a refund. We checked in on Friday, June 16th around 7:30 pm. I haul the camper and my husband hauls his Grady White boat. My husband rents a boat slip from the marina across from the campground for the week we are there. He uses the campground boat ramp and then drives to the marina. This year was to be no different. During check in we asked if we could take both vehicles to the campsite so we could unload our larger personal items from the back of the pick-up hauling the boat, and set up our camper before dark, then put the boat in the water, take the trailer and pick-up to the marina for the week, which meant we would not need a second vehicle pass from the campground. They wanted us to pay the one overnight fee to just drive the truck in for the night. So, knowing from previous visits here how unreasonable they were, we just agreed and paid for the night. It got dark just as we had finished setting up camp, so my husband decided to just put the boat in the next morning for safety reasons. The next day, he went to put the boat in the water and unfortunately, he had some motor troubles with one of the motors. He was going to call me at the site, but realized he had left his cell phone back at site. He tied the boat to the pier and he and his friend that was with him (and also paid for a week's stay at the campground) drove back into the campground to get his cell phone in case the boat broke down on the way to the marina. His car pass had only been for one night, so the guard called the "golf cart police" as we refer to them as, to let them know someone with an expired pass had drove in. The golf cart police, Norman, found my husband about 5 to 6 campers from ours and told him he needed to report to the office and pay for another pass as his had expired. My husband explained he wasn't staying, only getting his cell phone and leaving as he had boat trouble. Norman then insisted he had to do it "NOW!". Well, my husband was at site then and was expaining what had happened. Norman sat on his golf cart glaring at us while we spoke and banging his foot up and down with arms crossed. Was this necessary? Could this be a form of harrassment? Even after my husband had explained what happened, and said look man, I'm having a bad morning, give me a minute and I'll be out of here. Of course Norman continued to antagonize him and my husband stomped to the truck, slammed the door and said, "there, you F****** happy, I'm going up now." Norman then jumped off his cart, stompped to the truck placed his hands on my window opening and said "you're outta here!" My husband told him he better get his hands off the truck now and off they both went to the office. Of course the golf cart police was there first telling his version of the story and after that, the manager told by husband he didn't care what he had to say, we were to leave the park and had one hour to park. Not to mention with no refund. My husband returned to tell me and I went to the office and requested to meet quietly with management if I could. The area was full of people registering and I didn't feel they needed to be disturbed with this. Of course I was denied the opportunity to even discuss with a manager and was told I had to talk to the counter girl in the lobby. I told her I felt this was totally unfair as the reservation was made a year in advance in my name, not my husbands. I pulled the camper here with my truck and my son and I did absolutely nothing to warrant being evicted from the park. Honestly, neither did my husband. Their grounds for making us leave was because it is a family campground and they don't allow that type of language. Well if that's true, why do they sell beer/alcohol at their store and why do they allow loud partying, cussing and fighting as you can see goes on often from previous reviews. Well, as I discussed calmly my side of this story with the counter rep, the asst. manager Debbie emerged from an office and starting raising her voice and telling me we were out of here and she was calling the sheriff if I didn't leave immediatly to evict us from the site. Now, is this any way to treat a returning customer? But the real kicker is, the overnight pass is only $5.00. They caused this big of a scene over $5.00. Now that I've had a week to think it all over, I'm very sorry I didn't ask her to call the sheriff. I find it hard to believe I would of been forced to pack up and leave the campground over such stupid situation. I asked her, if they don't tolerate direspect in their campground, why are employees allowed to disrespect first. Of course no answer. But they really did us a favor. My son and I enjoy Frontier Town in Ocean City Maryland so much better and that's where we went to finish out the week. They have a much nicer facility and know how to treat customers. As a matter of fact, one of their employees actually followed my husband to the marina to drop his boat off for repairs on the Sat. afternoon we arrived there and brought him back to the campground. How's that for customer service! Frontier Town has an onsite water park that is free to campers. They have a mini golf course, ice cream shop, small carnival and old time western shows that are discounted for campers. Well worth the trip. If it's further for you, it's worth the trip. You will not be disappointed or disrespected at this campground. My husband and I have decided to take legal action against the campground. We feel we should be given a refund. Oh, I forgot one other thing. While my husband was in the office trying to explain what had happened, his friend that was camping next to us was standing there. He didn't say one word, and the manager looked at him and said 'And if you don't like it, you can leave with him". Nice huh? Just remember this review if you decide to go there. Don't do anything to upset the golf cart police or you may be evicted. We camped at Cherrystone Family Camping & RV Resort in a Travel Trailer.


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