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Dalewood Conservation Area, St. Thomas, Ontario

Date of Stay: May, 2006 - $27.00
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Dalewood is a beautiful conservation area (although not treated as one)...please dont get me wrong. However, the staff and "most" of the surrounding campers are not the greatest. I would highly recommend NOT to stay for the season! It is a nice place to "get away" for a couple of nights..and then time to move on. The staff here are like army sargents!! "Wear a bike helmet when riding your bikes" (WHAT? Im an adult..thank you). We have neighbors who want us to cut our grass (yes we are in charge of that as a seasonal) three or more times a WEEK?!! Just because they have no lives and have time to worry about how long the blades of grass are..doesnt mean I do nor care! Its a CAMPGROUND...if I wanted to cut grass I'd stay home. So yes expect the sound of lawn mowers at ALL times of the day. Normally EARLY in the morning. Anyhow I could literally go on and on..but I'm sure you get the idea. Get in..enjoy..and GET OUT! You'll get out faster than you get in. We camped at Dalewood Conservation Area in a Fifth Wheel.


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