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I loved everything about this campground from the plush grass to the grand views of the mountains. The two room cabins are adorable and the amenities were great. Very kid and pet friendly. I'm not sure if this is how it always is or if I was just lucky?. I would definitely stay here again and recommend to others as well.


Casper KOA

Casper, Wyoming

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The check in process was fast and easy. The cabins were clean and nice. It would have been nice if the cabins were also pet friendly. Having the dog at the campground was not an issue as long as it was chained up outside the cabin or on a leash. I do not like to chain any pets and traveling with my pet had not been an issue until I stopped here. Having kids at the campsite quickly became an issue as well when they tried to use the amenities. There were rules for the mini golf course and rules for the swimming pool. The managers were like hawks waiting to enforce them. There were so many rules in fact that staying in the campground was more of a pain than a vacation! Now don't get me wrong, some rules are good, but when your 16 year old is not old enough to watch your 10 and 12 year old in the pool while mom gets some much needed R and R, that quickly becomes an issue. Another downfall is there is not any shade, and the interstate is really close by. Dust allergies become a problem and safety of children as well. I definitely will not be staying here again. I'd rather pay the same price and stay in hotel.