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Ely, Nevada

Date of Stay:

We stayed six nights in our motor home. We had our three small dogs with us. Park was clean and staff was friendly. Check in was easy. Cable TV as advertised on website does not exist. Wi-fi was one of the worst we've ever encountered. We kept getting kicked off and it was extremely slow. One of the campground employees let his dog run loose throughout the park daily for long periods of time. His dog accosted our dogs while we were walking them, not once, but twice. The second time it occurred right in front of our coach on our site. Our dogs were always on leash as stated in campground rules. We saw at least two other dogs allowed to roam free throughout the park during our stay. For what is offered this place is way over-priced. Will not stay here again. Wish we hadn't purchased the VKR. Probably will not get much use out of it since we purchased it mainly to use here. Not a big fan of KOA due to pricing but it is the nicest of three in the Ely area. Will try one of the others from now on.

Date of Stay:

Over the past few years this park has started a downhill slide. Nothing is maintained anymore. Management does not seem to care. The place looks really run down. The Wi-Fi never works. Kids from the adjacent mobile home park, run through all hours of the day and night. Restrooms are not locked and smell like homeless people have been using them. Pet restrictions are not enforced at all. Loose dogs from the adjacent mobile home park roam freely through the park. Will not stay here again.

Date of Stay:

The park is clean and the folks are friendly. However, the park is in the process of being sold. The current owners could care less about problems and the future owners can't do anything. The restaurant does not exist, although it is advertised. The Wi-Fi is sporadic at best and extremely slow. The Oasis RV Maintenance no longer exists. If these items are no longer available, they should not be advertised.