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Island Park COE

Piedra, California

Date of Stay:

We had a very different experience then the other camper. It might be nicer in the cooler months. We stayed mid July and it was really hot (100+). There were some trees, but not much shade, they were pretty dead trees. We stayed in site 18 (upper) with hookups. I was very upset when we pulled up and our spot was IN the parking lot. Yes: no camp site. The street also didn't go though so not sure how a bigger trailer would go though there without doing a 20 point turn. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot, so it was hard to get to our spot. It looks like anybody can just park here and walk to the lake, so that was probably why it was crowded. I also thought the lake was closer. It was too far to walk with 2 kids, so we just drove. Our power went out a couple times also. 100+ weather in a trailer with no air isn't fun. We paid for something that wasn't working. We also had to hike up a hill to get to our table and firepit. It wasn't right next to us. When went to hook up our water, it was across the street and the hose bib wasn't threaded. You couldn't hook a standard hose to it. It looked like the other sites were like that too. We did end up filling the tanks with a lot of work. They do have a dump site on the way out which was nice. We were also told we could get cell service here. The area we stayed would get cell service here and there. It would cut out when we would make a call. This campgroup is about 45 minutes from Fresno. We will never camp at this place again. Usually we are fine with campgrounds, but this place was bad. Also, you don't have much privacy. People in tents are right next to their neighbor campsites, practically in each others sites. We stayed two nights and the people we came with left the day they got here because of no power. Their site was 26 I believe, which was right across from us. It was hard to get the trailer level because it was on such an incline. They didn't feel safe in it. If you have the time, I would say to go Shaver Lake instead. We love camping at (another park) which is less then 2 hours away. You pay only a little bit more and you get full hookups.

Date of Stay:

We camp here every year and have been happy. There are some pull though sites too. They also have a museum on the way in. Interesting facts and other things about Shaver Lake. If you want to make summer reservations, make sure you do them asap when they open up in Dec. They book up fast, so you have to make them 6 months in advance if you are camping with a group of people. If you bring a computer, you can get an hour free internet everyday, or pay for more use. They also have cable TV. Clean campground too.