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Absolute worst RV experience, ever. The list of "No (fill in the blank), No exceptions!" was insane, and delivered with a belligerence and snarkiness usually reserved for 14-year old divas mouthing off to their moms. In an area with chronic fog, mist, and light drizzle during August, the "no campfires, no canopies of any kind" rules made no sense. Although planning to stay four nights, the whole experince was so miserable, we decided our vacation was more important than the money, so we left after one night with no refund for the other three because, guess what? "No refunds, no exceptions!"


Beaver KOA

Beaver, Utah

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24 nights on the road, two countries, KOA's, 1000 Trails, and a bunch of independents, and this place was by far and away the sweetest, cleanest, and most well-maintained of them all. Beautiful views, far enough off the highway to be quiet, piping hot and squeaky clean showers, and hospitable, sane, and hard-working owners. We'd stay again in a heartbeat.