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We love this campground. There is a security gate front entrance, plus another security code gate to the camping area for travel trailers and motorhomes. The sites were very clean. Trash cans are provided close to each site and they are checked emptied daily. The bath facilities are kept clean. The security truck rides by frequently. Not all sites have a fire pit, but we had one this time. The water level was up, so we were able go fishing at our site. We enjoyed it and appreciate the work that goes into maintaining and securing the grounds. We had a very relaxing visit.

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This campground is very clean and well maintained. The camper spaces are large and spread out. You are not arranged in rows; not on top of each other. Our space was shaded most all day except 1-3:30pm. Our lot was very level - all we had to do was disconnect from the truck and support with the jacks. Most all camper spots have paved/concrete driveway and pads for the camper and vehicle. (Please use the campground website to see photos of each site. The photos represent the sites well.) Our camping picnic area was level and surfaced with fine crushed gravel. We liked it, but does require rugs and sweeping out of the camper regularly. We had plenty of space to set up games, roll out our awning, tie out the doggie, and enjoy ourselves. The campground itself is very quiet and peaceful. Also, the campground is mostly level, so it is enjoyable for bicycles and kids. Most of the noise came from the boaters on the lake. The lake level is down, but that didn't stop us from fishing. The bathhouse was clean and had a wonderful shower system with stainless walls and adjustable pressurized showerheads. The bathhouse can get a little steamy in the late evening, but understandable at the end of a hot day. We enjoyed our visit and will definitely camp here again in the near future.



Shoal Creek Campground

Buford, Georgia

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We camped on the first loop to the right in the open lakefront lots. Our stay was good. The only thing we didn't enjoy about the campsites was the deteriorating camper pad and site layout. When you step out of the camper, within 4 feet of your door, the asphalt pad has a steep drop off. The picnic table area is down a few steps on a small concrete pad. There is not much level space to the sites so, watch your step. It was not small kid (toddler) friendly at all. We had a great view of the lake and the local area boat ramp, but along with the view comes the noise created by the weekend boaters. We were close to the entrance gate and after the gate security is gone, there is still lots of traffic in and out of the gate's exit side. We will probably camp here again, but only due to it being one of the campgrounds that opens early in the year and stays open long after labor day. These are older camp sites that have not been maintained or updated. The price is somewhat steep for the quality and lack of maintenance. We found the dumpstation backed up, overflowing, and not wanting to drain. Some of the regulars leaving the campground stopped to check on the dump station and said this was a normal condition for this campground. This was our first stay here so only another visit will tell more. Obviously, we expected a little more.