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Stayed here for three nights. The sites themselves are nothing special. Half concrete pads, half sand (at least the section along the fence that borders the Indian reservation). The employee sites are very nice, but unfortunately we couldn't use any of those. Its a tight back in for a RV in some of the guest spots. You have to get almost 90 degrees to make it. As a previous reviewer mentioned, you need a long run of sewer hose to make it to the connection. And, its slightly uphill so it's best to have a hose support that will help things run downhill. The pool was excellent, quiet. warm, and relaxing. There is several places to eat and get groceries on the property, but beware things are a little pricey. Overall, it was a relaxing and enjoyable experience, and we would definitely come back again. This is also probably your best option during the summer months if you want to be in the center of the valley since most other campgrounds are closed.

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Have stayed here one night so far, with the expectation of two more nights. It is essentially a large parking lot that has RV spaces, so it is not much for natural scenery. However, we did not choose it for that reason. It is VERY close to the downtown action, and is also very well priced at $16 ($19 for the premium sites, which basically means close to the bathrooms. They have laundry, showers and bathrooms, which are only accessible by keycard, so there is less chance of riff raff using those. No security at the front gate but within minutes of entering we had several drive bus by security in vehicles and on bikes, and that continued through the night. The hookups are at a shared pedestal between adjacent sites. The sewer hose hookup is a little strange, there are two holes (for both sites) covered by a single cover, so if only one hose is inserted, the other hole is open to the air. As was mentioned before, you have to cross the street to register with the front desk of the hotel. There is access to the pool at the Hotel California, but that is a bit of a walk away. For the price, this is a great deal, and we would stay here again.