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I have been here for 4 weeks. I am utterly miserable. The park has so much potential to be great, but it fails in every way. The residents are mostly very poor and trashy. Every day, I deal with neighbors screaming and yelling and fighting and cussing. There is large amounts of drug use and sales going on here. The cops come in frequently to deal with domestic violence with my neighbors. There is loud blaring redneck and ghetto gangster rap music playing constantly. There is also a lot of theft from items left outside in cars and around the rv's. This place has a lot of free roaming stray cats that just breed and breed and breed. There are several loose dogs that are very aggressive. The owner (although a very nice woman) is only on site on Sundays. The park has lots of trash around. I can't even bare to go into the nightmare of a laundry room that's in a metal airplane hanger. I leave to go to a nice laundromat. The "ponds" are nothing but disgusting muck waste water filled with trash and who knows what else. They're also horrid mosquito breeding pits. I really have nothing nice to say about this park. I really regret moving here. I'm leaving as soon as this month is up. What a complete nightmare.

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I stayed here in this RV / Mobile home park for 3 months. It's an OK place. It's MOSTLY quiet. I did have a few problems with it tho. Loose running dogs throughout the site would often attack. I walk my small dog on a leash and had been attacked by other loose dogs 9 times. There is a specific family in the park that like to have VERY LOUD live music with mariachi bands that run late into the night. The music was so loud, almost the whole park could hear it and had to deal with it. The manager is a complete space case. Aside from being illiterate, she flakes out on everything she says. She is hardly ever on site and goes on "vacation" often. The swimming pool was mostly filthy all the time. Once the swimming pool was closed due to feces being in the pool. They also inflate your electric bill that you pay directly to them. I've never in my life had such a large electric bill in an RV. The electric bill was about the same as when I lived in my 2500 square foot HOUSE. The only nice things I can say about the park is... it is pretty. A lot of shade trees. And is mostly clean. The laundry facility was working and clean also.