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Park is very poorly managed. Sites are very small and grown-up. Electrical burnt a prong on my plug, ruined a neighbors power converter costing him $500.00, burned the motor on another neighbors electric awning costing him $485.00. There is a smell of sewer most days. Water stops-up RV filter system. There is no laundry, unless you want to use a washer frequently used to wash fish cleaning rags. Office stinks, has an old dog and many cats living in it. Owners have a pond for trout fishing, that is their priority. The park is grossly over priced, we paid $360 a month, which is what a nice park in the Ruidoso area would cost. If you want an enjoyable stay, avoid this place.



A Bay Breeze RV Park

Rockport, Texas

Date of Stay:

Very poor access, the worst I have ever seen. Reservation communication problems. Fair to poor rating. Wouldn't stay here again.

Date of Stay:

When we arrived, there was a note and directions to our location. Didn't see anyone at the office until the next day. The park is on a hillside over the lake and parking was difficult for a large rig. Lot of full time residence. Park was average at best. Would stay here again, as choices are limited in the area.