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semi-retired, turned 60. Got a great partner/husband, one wonderful border collie mix, Zora, and a a greyhound beagle Mix,Herbie, deep love of nature. Musician/vocalist hobbies.

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When we arrived we checked in at the office with a woman employee. She appeared to be pleasant and helpful until I voiced a objection at her comment regarding no large dogs were allowed. When she saw my disbelief she then said, "If you are nice to me I may make a judgement/decision to allow your dogs, at my disgression." Someone such as the owners of this RV park need to teach the following business principle to their employees. The customer pays and is therefore not the one that has to be nice! The business owner wants your money and business, so therefore she or he goes out of his or her way to accomodate you! AND furthermore in Tom Stienstra's latest West Coast RV camping guidebook he states that pets are allowed with no restrictions! And even if this is true, it makes no sense to allow only "small" dogs when its a breed specific issue. The employee further added insult to injury with her lame comments about the owner having to pay extra insurance for allowing pets. DUH! of course they do and that is not relevant to me nor is it of any business of hers to tell us that. And they charged us extra for the pets, so there is the "insurance" costs. Later we saw many dogs as large or larger than ours. The whole incident turned me off completely. In my small business I would fire an employee with her attitude. The park itself had no shade, small pull-thrus and crooked sites. Won't go back again, next time we will boondock. Unfortunately there are no hook-up alternatives near Dexter Lake.

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Beautiful park near the ocean, many private sites with trees and shade. The budget crisis in CA has shut down many state parks for part of the year with certain areas of these parks affected adversely. This is still a lovely park with a great location. Not too far from the super scenic village of Mendocino. We made do for three days and 2 nights without electricity and hook-ups. Some trails do not allow dogs, others do.

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Amazing park to camp in in late October with the salmon runs continuing in the river. Many private and pretty sites with fabulous trees! We got a fantastic site right near the river. We practically had the place to ourselves. Just the hosts and two other campers. Restrooms clean and redwood trail is within a 1 mile hike. This redwood stand is the northern most range of sequioa sempervireons, the coastal species. I highly recommend this beautiful park.