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Stonebridge RV Park

Sweeny, Texas

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We wanted to see some things on the coast so after reading reviews we decided to stay here because there were so many glowing reviews. I'm starting to think the reviews are fake to bring customers in. The electrical pedestals don't seem like they were wired by an electrician; my surge protector tripped constantly and without that it would have damaged all the electronics in the camper. The water had a very foul smell. Almost scared me to use it. Maybe it's because of all the oil refineries? Internet was spotty at best. Couldn't find anyone at the front office when I pulled in. The list goes on and on. I think the previous reviewer who gave it a 1 is spot on. Having so many 10's should have been a clue - because even the best RV parks get lots of 8's and 9's.

Date of Stay:

Let's start with the negative. It's right near the highway, so highway noise can be an issue. If it wasn't for the highway noise this resort would get an easy 9 and maybe a 10. The front office staff are extremely friendly and helpful. The sites are so big and beautiful. Lots of amenities here. It's a pretty fancy place with many million dollar RV's showing up nightly. They even have an adults only section of the park if you don't like to be around young kids or families and want some quiet. Internet was fair - but the rest made up for it.