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This place is nice, clean, and shady. Bathrooms were clean. Staff...well 1 couple was very friendly and nice; however, the other couple was not friendly, rude, and just plain hateful. Also they lock the gates at 10:30 at night til 7 am in the morning. If you need to leave or come in during that time, you have to park across the street and walk in. This is unacceptable. Other than the rude staff and locked gates, it was pretty good.

Date of Stay:

This park overall was pretty nice. Great fishing, great photo ops! Staff and host were very friendly! The grass was excessively high! They began cutting the day we were leaving because July 4th was that week. They had a pool, but it was covered and locked up. Don't know why. You could not swim in the lake, because it had lots of alligators. Planning on staying in one of their cabins next year and bringing a bass boat though!



Bay Berry RV Park

Gulfport, Mississippi

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This park is clean at the office area, but there is a junk appliance place right in front of it. Park is NOT secure; anyone can come in or out at any time. It is right next to an interstate exit, and you hear trucks all night! Bathrooms were never unlocked. We were in a pop up camper and were never told there was no bathroom access. We were in town for a softball tournament and no shower was NOT acceptable. We checked in on Fri. afternoon, and left on Sat. morning early because of this. It's been 2 months, and we cannot get these people to answer the phone or return my calls. We paid for 2 nights and cannot get a refund of the 2nd night. Some of the campers there are actually people who live there. You could tell the campers had not been moved in years! I do not recommend anyone staying at this place. They need to be shut down!