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We stayed here while our daughter was competing in a soccer tournament at the Reach 11 Soccer Complex. At first we were nervous of staying here as the area looked very industrial from Google Earth. Once we arrived, yes the park was surrounded by industrial stuff, but the park was clean and quiet. We could not have been happier with our stay. We had a back in site with bushes behind us and nice desert landscaping and a pad on the site. The spot was perfect and very well maintained. The entire park was actually very clean and actually pretty. The whole park is walled in with trees so you never notice the surroundings across the street from the park too. The pool area was nicely renovated and heated even in the winter. The clubhouse was also nice, although we never used it, just saw it. Overall a very pleasant stay at one of Phoenix's few RV parks that accept kids. Check out the virtual tour on their website because I was surprised the park actually looked as nice as their tour. We had kids with us and never were bothered, although they do give out a flier at check in that tells you that they don't accept children who don't follow rules. Our older teenagers never bothered them though and the staff seemed nice.

Date of Stay:

We stayed at Newport Dunes for a weekend getaway and to take my son and his friends to the beach for his 16th birthday. We had high expectations since our last visit was great, but it was in the fall (off season). So we made the twenty five minute drive up to Newport and pull into the park. We wait ten minutes through the guard house line as there are many cars going in and out. Once in, it was welcome to crazy land. You can barely move down the road. People are everywhere and they use the road as their sidewalk. Then hoards of crazy people with golf carts are driving around screaming and yelling for attention. At checkin they were rather cold and not helpful when we asked about the OC Cruiser bus schedule. They wanted to rush us through and be done in a minute. I payed, let me emphasize this: $300 for a waterfront spot (they said this was a deal)!! Yes that is right, $300 for one stinkin' night. I payed this since it was my son's birthday and the other spots are expensive too, but way worse. So we manuerved the rig around the scooters, bicycles, motorcycles, grills, skates, and cars that block the road and finally got to our spot. They are not paved (they should be for this price) completely, only where you step out is. The RV is parked on dirt that gets kicked up in the wind. I would hate to be here with Santa Ana winds. So here is my prized $300 "water" view, a huge massive pinata party full of people that came in for day use only. They paid ten dollars, I paid $300. So there was no beach and the mariachi music and pinatas are all just five feet from the front of our RV. You couldn't even go to the water without going through this huge party and then they would stare at you like they are thinking, "Walk all the way around the other RV's and then go to the beach, forget that you paid $300. for front row access." The lagoon is waveless, which we knew before. It is part of Backbay which is a wetland/swamp/estuary with bad water quality so all the people that swim in that are crazy. It is in the OC Register all the time for bad quality. So we drove to Newport Municipal Beach by the Balboa Pier and the guys enjoyed themselves. My son said they like the waves because they were different than the ones at San Clemente where they usually go. So we returned to the park in the evening after dinner at Fashion Island and the guys went in the pool. It was murky green so they got out and I told them they could go in our pool once we were back. When they went to the gameroon the other teens were playing strip "air hockey" and the young staff was participating in it with them. Some were down to just their boxers. At night the mariachi group was still here hoot'n and holler'n right in front of us. I am still bumbed I paid $300 to stare from my site at them. So much for the water view. All the beach fire rings were gone so we waited for one of the drunk groups to leave so we could have a ring. All the groups stayed until ten o'clock. We finally got one but only could stay for ten minutes because security reminded us of the CA law of beaches closing at ten. So the guys got ready for bed in their tent (they thought it would be funner to be separate and rough it), and we went into the RV. Birds live in the trees (probably a blue heron) and squawked all night long driving the guys insane. Finally, at three in the morning they came inside when the sprinklers came on and soaked them. A bad night sleep for all of us. Then in the morning, the messy beach left from yesterday's group, blew all over and some even into our spot. Then the homeless with the OC Rescue Missions showed up in a bus and went infront of our spot again. My only concern is with little kids everywhere and the people that the mission helps. I know I would not leave my kids with them alone or let them use the restroom. Luckily it was checkout time but that definitely confirmed how much we wanted to leave the dump of Newport Dunes. All that money and I could have gotten the Ritz Carlton in Dana or the Hyatt in Hunington beach. I felt major ripped off. My biggest complaint is how many day users are allowed in, and how they overrun the park. People paying hundreds of dollars are left with no beach to people paying ten dollars. I had no time to enjoy my spot as other people sit on the sand less than five feet away from you. They literally overrun everything from the roads, to pool, to beach, it is filled with people only staying until ten and then getting in their cars and going home. Security ignores complaints and says that this is a busy place with lots of people. They should call this place Triple O. Overpriced, overrated, and overcrowded.

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Location, location, location. Westbay is great and is in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The park is simple, but the views are amazing. Try to get a corner spot. Lots of activity to watch from your spot like jet boats, cruise ships, ferries, sailboats, and seaplanes. The harbor ferries depart right from the RV park and will take you over to the cities downtown and all the activities. A walkway goes from the park and around the whole bay which is an hour walk. Thirty minutes you can walk to town. The staff is friendly and everything is kept clean. A ten plus plus!