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I feel as though my family has been cheated out of a good camping trip. We would have gone somewhere else had we known how much change the campground had gone through. We were there 2 years ago and had a fantastic time, thus the return visit. Our children were tall enough now to use the water slides and with the addition of the splash pool we thought we were going to be in camping nirvana. Well we could not have been more wrong. From the moment when we arrived and noticed that our site (51) was directly across the road from the bathroom. This was puzzling to us because when we made the reservation we specifically asked the booking agent about the location of the site. And we were informed that the map was not to scale and that our site was 3 or 4 sites away from the bathrooms. We then observed a constant string of people, adults and kids alike, strolling through our site to get to the bathrooms. At first we were politely asking people to not walk through our camp site. But this was met with dirty looks and complete ignorance of our request. One such person was from site 86 directly behind us from the bathrooms. She started to walk through our site and again politely asked this person to go around. This was met with the reply, “this is how we get to the bathroom.” To which we replied “No, it isn’t. There is another bathroom down the road or you can go around on the road.” Her response was “well I am a seasonal camper and this is how we always go to the bathroom.” Well if this is the “standard” attitude of your seasonal campers then there is no wonder why your campground is going down the toilet. Saturday morning about 8:30 or so we decides to have a little chat with the “management.” We went to the registration building to voice our complaint. This was met with a response that left me with a little hope that our stay would get better. The person at the counter said, “The manager is on the campgrounds and I will radio him to stop and talk to you.” So then we returned to our site awaiting the visit to rectify this issue. They NEVER showed up. We waited at our site until 1:00 PM. We decided to make the best of a bad situation and continue our endeavor to have fun despite the rudeness and uncaring “neighbors” in the campground. This was not easy either. Just trying to move from point A to point B anywhere in the campground was journey of danger at every corner. There were so many uncontrollable children running, riding, and moving about the roads that would literally take us longer to drive than to walk. After a day of activities with our kids we return to our site to be inundated by yet another barrage of campers who have no respect for anyone else walking through our site non-stop. This continued to happen right through our dinner. We had finally had enough. We went to the office again to talk to someone in charge. Which apparently there is no one willing or not to deal with us or our problem. We told the person behind the counter our ordeal of the past day and half, and how the manager never showed up and how we wanted to speak to someone NOW. This was met with a half hearted attempt at trying to contact the owner, the manager, or who ever they were trying to get in touch with to no avail. We were told that so-in-so is at a dance and probably can’t hear the radio and the owner isn’t answering the phone, and so on. This was at 8:30 PM, we pulled out of your sorry excuse for a campground at 9:10 PM. If you have rules, then are they supposed to be enforced? If they are then where were the people who enforce them? I certainly did not see anyone. And if the rules are just a token “guideline” then why post them at all? I guess this is the place for the family that wants to perpetuate the parenting pattern of the new generation. Their motto is “if someone else will watch out for my kids then why should I?” Unfortunately this attitude is spreading and I can think of no other place on earth it is more prevalent than at your place of business.

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Excellent camping experience. Been here 4 times now. Will return every year if I can.

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Good overall experience. Lot had no shade but temperatures were not that bad for camping. Good facilities and activities.