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This RV park has a serious infestation of ants, they have totally invaded my RV, I stayed here on a monthly basis due to my job, I have never encountered ants at any other RV park like this!! The monthly rate isn't bad, but once you add the electric and all the money you have to spend to combat the ants it is very expensive. Staff says they will spray; however it doesn't help if they really do it! They have a banquet hall they rent out on the weekends, and the music is so loud, you can hear it over your AC and fans until very early hours of the morning, even though they say quiet time is at 10 PM for the campers. They don't weed eat around anything, they just spray weed killer, so there are brown spots everywhere. Staff gives off the attitude they don't care, all they want is money!! When our company moved to this area there was numerous sites obtained but after dealing with this ant infestation we have all moved out!! I found ants everywhere in my RV including the refrigerator. I have thrown away more food and spent a small fortune on ant poison!! I honestly believe the ants is what caused the power box to burn up in the middle of the night, burning my RV cord and plug. I would never stay at this park again, I would travel a larger distance to get a nice park!!!!


A+ RV Park

Alvord, Texas

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Very nice park, staff was great !! Little pricey on a monthly basis but it did include all electric!! My only complaint is, it's a large open field with no wind breaks, has train tracks in the back and large 4 lane highway in front,,,, very noisy!!! Can not have camp fires at all due to its location!! Good for a short stay over!! WiFi is weak at best!!!!