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Camp Gulf

Destin, Florida

Date of Stay:

We stayed for 1 week because they could not accommodate us any longer without having to move every weekend. The sites are staked on top of each other. Also the speed limit is a joke, you have to ride your brakes(4.5miles/hour) and they have signs to let you know you are over, even while walking. They are not accurate.

Date of Stay:

While I was inside getting prices and asking about our dog, my husband and bloodhound wait in our Ford F550 truck. A woman came bursting into the office screaming: "Excuse me, excuse me!" I thought she need the lady behind the desk, well she was talking to me. She very rudely and distasteful told me: "We do not allow those types of trucks in here, they tear up the roads." I thanked the lady behind the counter and left. I don't know why she needed to yell about it, and why they don't let the F550's in their park. Because: I know our truck does not weight as much as our trailer, or as a much as a pusher. Anyway, I would not recommend this park. Just as the guy previous wrote: their sign says, modem friendly but that must be the only thing friendly.

Date of Stay:

We are full timers and we spend a lot of time here due to my husband's company is out of Sarasota. We have made several friends. The staff is great. They always seem to booked in during season but they will try to work with you if you need a spot. Great park!!