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The park seems to continue to slowly deteriorate. This time, there was no Internet, and the long-term residents said there had not been any for well over a month. The manager was never in the office during office hours. The bathhouses, including laundry facilities, were very well-kept, though.


Coyote Howls

Why, Arizona

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This is a no-services park in the Sonoran Desert. There are several water spigots to fill your tank, there are dumps stations, and there are showers. Long term, it is very inexpensive, something like 500 dollars per year, and many people have set up solar arrays for their power and live here for years. As someone who has dropped by going to and from Mexico, I found it perfect for our needs--dump, take on water, take a shower, and check email. The sites are huge; you'd need binoculars to peer into your neighbor's window, but it's much more interesting to watch the coyotes, wild burrows, and birds. Unless you park right by the road, the noise is minimal, and since there's really nowhere to go at night, from midnight to 6 a.m. (when the border is closed), it's dead quiet. The current camp host runs a tight ship, it seems--no off-leash dogs or noisy campers. There are many, many planned activities, none of which I took advantage of, but it looked like a fun, casual place.

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A basic but well-kept park, with immaculate restrooms, inexpensive laundry, friendly people, and top-notch managers. If you Google map it, as I did, you'll think it's going to be noisy, but it is not at all. It is behind an RV sales business, well off the highway, and the RVs for sale, parked thickly, block most road noise. I'm persnickety about noise, and I had no complaint at all. Sites are gravel but roads are paved. Some planned activities, including free/donation coffee every morning. For long-term visitors, there are a few rental trailers, usually taken by military contractors, but possibly available for family to stay in when they visit, which I thought was cool. We stayed here for a few days visiting friends in Sierra Vista and will definitely come back when we visit again.