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Heritage RV Park

Coffeyville, Kansas

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Spots are close together, but they include water, sewer, and electric hookups. The people are friendly. The camp is close to town and directly across the street from a grocery store and a public park. The closest showers are about a half mile away at the nearby public park. The campground doesn't have many spots, which makes the internet reliable and the ambiance community-oriented. It is surrounded by wide open spaces daubed with beautiful trees.

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Big Chief becomes a swamp when the weather is rainy, and for many days afterward. The hosts are very rude and will double up rigs on sites just to make an extra buck. If a patron complains or refuses to double, the hosts have no problem kicking the patron out of the campground. The showers are only hot if no one is washing clothes in the laundry room. The garbage bins are often overflowing because the hosts don't schedule pickup often enough. The internet is terrible because too many campers are packed onto one router.