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This park is across the street from Disneyland, so you get the fireworks shows for free. I stayed for a month, so the rate cited is based on the monthly rate. See their web site for the full range of rates. Nice park to live in, but daily/weekly renters use the front section, which is a parking lot. Not bad if you are just using the park as a base camp, which is easy to do in downtown Anaheim. There is a bus stop almost in front of the park, where you can get on the local bus line, the express bus line, or the ART, which runs all over the Anaheim resort area. Easy to use public transport means you don't need to use your toad that much, saving gas money.



Village RV Park

Westminster, California

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This is a glorified parking lot next to a mobile home park with 46 marked spots, two of which are occupied by the office and a small mobile home, so there are only 44 sites available for RVs. Due to a recent ownership change, this park is not allowing any RVs older than 2000. The only thing this park has going for it is that it is the only park in the area. If you want to use the mobile home park's pool facilities, it costs $50 (non refundable). The management recently trimmed the trees located around the edge of the park back to bare branches, so there is no more shade in the park. I paid the monthly rate. The dog area is a small strip of grass in the back, and maneuvering a big rig in the park is possible, but difficult. No tents or anything like them (e.g., easy-up) allowed. The only reason I would go back here is because I need to be in the area for a family emergency.